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100 Clever Ways to Celebrate Your Cat ?

National Cat Day is a day for feline good…both for you and your cat. But when you love cats as much as we do, isn’t every day National Cat Day?

In honor of this annual homage to cats of all shapes, sizes, and breeds, we’ve come up with a massive list of ways to celebrate with your best bud. We’re talking dozens of out-of-the-box ideas on how to have a good time in the company of your cat.



1. Throw a party for all the cats in your neighborhood! 

2. Take your cat out for ice cream.

3. Buy your cat a crown.

4. Get a Cat Calendar.

5. Spoil your cat with extra attention.

6. Make a cat food cake shaped like a fish.

7. Have a cat treat scavenger hunt.

8. Have a dance party with your cat.

9. Consult with a Pet Lifestyle Expert … like Kristen Levine!

10. Make your cat your background on ZOOM.

11. Hold a cat fashion show.

12. Watch CATS with your cat.

13. Paint or draw a portrait of your cat…but good luck getting them to sit still. 

14. Frame your favorite photo of your cat.

15. Meet up at a local park with other cat lovers and have a picnic.

16. Follow our Cat Love playlist on Spotify.

17. Make T-shirts with your cat’s face on them and wear them around for the day. 

18. Have a cat parade with local neighborhood cats.

19. Sign your cat up for a massage at a pet spa.

20. Get your cat a checkup with your vet.

21. Get a tattoo of your cat’s face somewhere on your body.

22. Write a song about your cat and perform it at an open mic night.

23. Schedule an afternoon tea with your cat.

24. Spoil your cat with a new toy. 

25. Go for a shopping spree at your local pet store. (Don’t forget your shopping list)

26. Build your cat a catio and let them enjoy the outdoors.

27. Cat yoga.

28. Dress up as your cat and take pictures.

29. Have a cat slumber party.

30. Bring your cat to a cat cafe. 

31. Knit your cat a sweater.

32. Bake a cake with your cat’s face on it.

33. Take your cat on a hike through the woods…with a leash of course.

34. Plan a road trip with your cat.

35. Give your cat an extra scoop of food.

36. Sushi for two.

37. Buy more cat decor for your house.

38. Extra belly rubs.

39. Nominate a shelter for our GiveLitter® program.

40. Write a poem about cat love.

41. Groom your cat’s hair and nails.

42. Do your cat’s make-up. 

43. Adopt a new “friend” for your cat.

44. Teach your cat how to fetch.

45. Buy your cat a new comfy bed.

46. Exercise with your cat.

47. Give your cat a bubble bath.

48. Treat your cat to some catnip.

49. Get a Cat DNA test.

50. Create an Instagram page for your cat.

51. Post “Happy National Cat Day” with a picture of your cat on Facebook.

52. Write a screenplay starring your cat. 

53. Play hide and seek.

54. Take your cat to get fish tacos.

55. Watch Cat People on Netflix.

56. Give your cat a plastic bag to play with…cats love plastic bags!

57. Let your cat sit on your keyboard…you know they’re going to anyway.

58. Send a Cat Love Card to your friends or family.

59. Put a bird feeder outside so your cat can watch.

60. Create a YouTube channel for all your cat videos.

61. Set up a talent show for local cats in the area.

62. Bring your cat to a pet-friendly hotel.

63. Download an awesome Cat App.

64. Take a catnap.

65. Bake tuna cookies for your cat.

66. Buy cat swag for your friends or family.

67. Let your cat sit at the dinner table with you.

68. Grow cat grass.

69. Photoshop your cat into your family photos.

70. Feed your cat breakfast in bed.

71. Create a Twitter account and let your cat come up with the content.

72. Buy your cat the #1 Natural Cat Litter made from whole-kernel corn.

73. Set up a tent inside your house and take your cat camping.

74. Pick your favorite cat mascot to root for. 

75. Get your cat a cardboard box. 

76. Buy a cat scratching post.

77. Get a laser pointer toy.

78. Give your cat a water fountain.

79. Buy cat-friendly plants.

80. Bring your cat to work. 

81. Ditch clay litter.

82. Read your cat a book about mice.

83. Do a World’s Best Cat Lib with your friends and family.

84. Join a cat group on the Internet.

85. Donate to your local animal shelter.

86. Buy a litter disposal system. 

87. Turn on your cat’s favorite song. (Cats love music)

88. Take the “What Kind of Cat Are You Quiz.” 

89. Go to CatCon!

90. Get a cat bumper sticker.

91. #GiveACrap.

92. Build a DIY cat tree.

93. Follow #catlove on Instagram.

94. Update your resume with “Skilled in Cat Love.”

95. Leave a review for your favorite natural cat litter.

96. Ask Dear Tabby your craziest cat question.

97. Consider becoming a Foster Cat parent.

98. Volunteer at a local animal shelter.

99. Cat puns…all day long!

100. Make a Cat Meme.

Did we really just list 100 ways to have some fun with your cat?

Sure did. ?

If you have any other clever ideas on how to have fun with your feline, leave them in the comment section below.