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Notice of financial incentive

From time to time, we may offer coupons or other price reductions for our products and services in exchange for your enrolling in email updates, newsletter delivery, contests, or similar services we provide to communicate with you.  To provide these services, we utilize the identifiers you have provided to us and may use the details from your commercial relationship with us (from your commercial information).  Specific portions of our website provide financial incentives.  To receive these financial incentives (or opt in), you will be asked to provide personal information through an online form, contest submission, or via social media.

To opt out of the financial incentives, please review our Privacy Policy and use the contact information found in that policy to submit a request to us. If you opt out we will not reduce the value of any financial incentives you previously received from us.

We do not assign a monetary value to the data that we collect and strive to only use that information to further our business in accordance with our Privacy Policy; to the extent that we are required to assign a monetary value to your personal information it is equal to the value of the discount or financial incentive that we have provided to you.