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Introducing Poop Fighter™

Smells like not-poop.

Whether it’s a #1 or a #2, our Botanical Blocker™ technology in Poop Fighter™ instantly blocks and neutralizes the stench of your cat’s “business” before it attacks your senses. It leaves only a light lemongrass scent and works even if your cat doesn’t bury the poop bombs.

Available in 15 lb bags.

World's Best Cat Litter(R) - Poop Fighter New Product
How Poop Fighter™ Works - 1) Botanical Blocker™ has dual action to fight tough odors: block and neutralize malodors before they escape the litter box.
2) Light Lemongrass Scent - a light citrus scent with fresh green undertones.
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Outstanding Odor Control

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Quick Clumping & Easy Scooping

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99% Dust-Free

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Pet-, People-, & Planet-Friendly

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Flushable* & Septic-safe

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Lasts 2x longer† so you replace less often. 15 lbs. ( 2 cats = 29 + days. 3 cats = 19 + days. 4 cats = 14 + days. ) **Cost savings calculated on regular cleaning of litter based on in home testing. Based on average size cats. Results may vary.

WHY Settle?

Switching is easy.

1) TRANSITION SLOWLY: Start with a third of World’s Best Cat Litter® added to a clean box of your current litter. Then, once your cat is more familiar with it, change to two-thirds. After that, use only World’s Best Cat Litter®.

2) PICK A GOOD LOCATION: Provide at least one litter box per cat. Place the box in a quiet place that can be easily accessed and is away from the cat’s food and water dishes.

3) KEEP IT CLEAN: For best results, scoop clumps daily and maintain a depth of 2-3 inches of World’s Best Cat Litter®.

World's Best Cat Litter(R) - Poop Fighter

“World’s Best Cat Litter: Poop Fighter Maximum Odor Defense lives up to its name! This litter truly combats odors effectively, creating a fresher environment. Its clumping ability simplifies cleaning, making it a standout choice for cat owners. Say goodbye to unpleasant smells – a top-notch product worth every penny.”

– lisacecilia


“I love World’s Best Cat Litter. This cat litter is great when it comes to fighting unpleasant odors. It keeps the litter box area smelling fresh. I appreciate that it’s made from natural ingredients, ensuring it’s safe for my cat and the environment. The low dust formula is a win. So far I am very pleased with this product.”

– olgvi3


“This litter is like nothing I’ve tried for my cats before. I mean GAME CHANGER. We have a litter box on each floor so I opted to keep our usual litter downstairs and the Poop Fighter in the one upstairs. Friends … you can’t smell the litterbox!!!! It covers both the poop and pee smells, minimal – if any dust at all, and they like it!! They keep using this litterbox and avoiding the one on the first floor. I’m speechless and need more of this litter. We have 3 cats and I’m always afraid of guests smelling the litterbox and I’ll definitely be buying this wherever I can find it. Thank you Influenster and World’s Best Cat Litter (their name is no lie!).”

– coffeeandaussies


“This litter is great! It clumps, and it controls and seals in smells so that my house doesn’t smell like there’s any animals living in here. You’d never know there’s a cat in this house! The litter controls the scent and is able to lock it in so that your house does not smell like anything that has been from the cat. This is excellent clumping litter, and I will continue to use this.”

– stephanied427


Poop Fighter™ formula FAQs

How does Poop Fighter™ formula help eliminate litter box odor?

Unlike most cat litter brands that use heavy artificial perfumes to try to mask odors, the Poop Fighter™ formula’s dual action blocks and neutralizes odors before they escape the litter box. Even if your cat doesn’t cover, you’ll only smell a light, fresh scent. It also is super absorbent, which helps prevent new odors from forming.

What is Botanical Blocker™?

Botanical Blocker™ is the natural, dual-action botanical extract blend in Poop Fighter™ formula that helps block and neutralize odors from poop and urine.

Is Poop Fighter™ formula scented?

Yes. Poop Fighter™ formula is free of heavy, artificial perfumes. It has a light lemongrass scent from natural botanical extracts.

Is Poop Fighter™ formula natural?

Yes. Poop Fighter™ formula is made from natural and sustainable whole-kernel corn and other plant-based ingredients. The scent and odor-fighting ingredients also are natural and come from botanical extracts.

How do I use Poop Fighter™ formula?

Transition slowly by starting with one-third new Poop Fighter™ formula added to your current litter. Once your cat is more familiar with it, gradually increase the ratio until you have completely transitioned to Poop Fighter™ formula. Maintain a depth of 2-3 inches in the litter box, and scoop daily for best results.