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Himalayan Cats

How About Them Himalayan Cats?

Love the looks of Himalayan cats but unsure if owning one is right for you? Like any unique cat breed, Himalayan cats come with their own special traits and features that may require you to spend a little extra attention on them from time to time.

Sometimes referred to as “himmies,” these cats are among the more adorable and affectionate breeds out there. Just look at that face…how can you not fall in love with this cat?

The Scoop on Himalayan Cats

A cross breed between Siamese and Persian cats, Himalayan cats have a pretty interesting history.

The internet is full of facts and information about Himalayans — such as this short video overview called Cats 101: Himalayan from our friends at Animal Planet.

But to truly get insight about Himalayan cats, it’s best to go straight to the source – which is why we turned to actual owners to see what they had to say about these fantastic felines.

What Proud Parents of Himalayans Have to Say

Owners of Himalayans who responded to our Facebook post reported a variety of quirky traits and behavior — everything from forgetting to bury their poop to the occasional cranky attitude. But don’t worry — it wasn’t all bad. Owners also reported that their Himmies were incredibly smart, loving and affectionate.

Check out this word cloud we made filled with all the feedback we received from actual owners of Himalayan cats.

And now for 5 fun facts you absolutely must know before becoming a proud parent of a Himalayan cat.

5 Fun Facts About Himalayan Cats

They’re Not from the Himalayas
Himalayans cats are not from the Himalayas, nor are they named after the popular mountain ranges. First bred in the 1930’s at Harvard University, the long-haired hybrid breed earns its name from the Himalayan Rabbit due to a striking resemblance. It wasn’t until 1957 that Himalayan cats were officially recognized as a breed, however.

They Have an Amazing Purrsonality
Affectionate but aloof, playful but not destructive– the Himalayan is the perfect cat for an orderly household. They enjoy being part of the family and will delight you with their bouts of energy and lap-naps alike.
Like many other breeds, the Himalayan is intensely loyal and often chooses one primary owner to spend most of their time with. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry as much about keeping doors or windows shut with a Himalayan because they love being indoors.

They Are Total Divas.
You’ll know a Himalayan when you see one. These typically blue-eyed felines have a striking appearance, with a long and fluffy cream or beige coat and points on their paws, tail, face, and ears that can come in a vast range of colors. They are legit divas. But in a good way. Unless they refuse to bury their poop.
They’re also pretty laid back. In fact, under their coats, they have surprisingly broad, thick bodies with short legs — which is a blessing in disguise because these stubby limbs lessen the Himalayan’s urge to jump up onto things. 

Their Coat is No Joke.
Himalayas have an amazing fur coat, as well as a few decorative tufts of fur between their toes, between their front legs, and on their ears, and a full mane around their neck. This means they require good grooming practices, such as daily brushing to limit shedding and matting.

Their double-coats are ridiculously thick, and your black articles of clothing will thank you later if you make sure to keep up on grooming. Monthly or bi-monthly baths are also recommended for Himalayans.

With their adorably smushed faces, these cats are also prone to tear duct issues. It’s always important to make sure any folds of wrinkles on your cat’s face are clean and dry, and it can be easy to wipe away any sticky gunk with a Q-tip soaked in warm water.

They Belong on the Big Screen:

You likely grew up with Himalayans without even knowing it! It’s because these cats make amazing movie stars.

There’s the heartwarming classic Homeward Bound that features a Himalayan making her way across the country with two dogs to reunite themselves with their family. There’s Crookshanks, a ginger or ‘hansa’ Himalayan, that can be found in the Harry Potter series as Hermione Granger’s pet, and of course there’s Mr. Jinx the Himalayan cat who left his mark on pop-culture in the Meet the Parents Trilogy. 

If you’re considering adopting a Himalayan, make sure you’re ready for a lifetime of love. Although grooming these affectionate felines can be tedious, the bond that you can form with a cat by caring for it consistently is unmatched. 

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