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The Best Cat T-Shirts on the Internet

Cat lovers have a reputation for wearing their love on their sleeve, but we know a true cat person wears it in their wardrobe too!

We recently created a few fun t-shirts for cat lovers to help raise funds for GiveLitter®, which donates cat litter to animal shelters around the country. Check out some of the most amazing cat t-shirts on the internet, including a few of our own because, of course, we think they’re pretty great.

The Top 9 Coolest Cat T-Shirts


Look like a cool cat while you give back to cats in need. All proceeds from this tee support GiveLitter® which donates cat litter to shelters across the US.

$20.99 World’s Best Cat Litter™

2. DJ Pusheen

We can’t talk cat t-shirts without including the adorable Pusheen cat. This adorable tee features the cartoon feline spinning vinyl like your favorite club DJ.

$14.99 – $21.99 Amazon

3. Grumpy Cat

All hail the icon, Grumpy Cat, and this acid wash tee. Though she’s no longer with us, Grumpy Cat still lives in infamy as the queen of all cat memes.

$22.00 – $37.99 Amazon

4. Avogato

For the cat lover who also loves a good slice of avocado toast, this cute Avogato tee is the best of both worlds.

$23.99 Crazy Dog T-shirts

5. Bright Eyes

Love black cats and black clothes? This t-shirt is just a sleek as a black cat, with bright golden eyes!

$25 – $35 The Mountain

6. A Litter Bit Obsessed

It’s okay to be a litter bit obsessed with your favorite furry pets, especially because all proceeds from this t-shirt go towards supporting shelter cats!

$20.99 World’s Best Cat Litter™

7. Paws

Cue the suspenseful music…a kitten t-shirt is headed your way! We love a pun and a movie reference in one.

$31.95 Meowingtons

8. Cat Daddy

We love to celebrate the cat-loving men in our lives and this retro design is pretty sweet too. Grab one for your favorite cat dad!

$20 Teepublic

9. Peek-a-boo Calico Cat

Your favorite plain t-shirt got an adorable upgrade, featuring a cute calico popping it’s head out of a pocket to say “Meow!”

$29.99 Etsy

All cat lovers deserve a great cat t-shirt to show off their cat love. What makes it even better is knowing that your purchase is helping cats in need find their forever homes! Shop cool cat t-shirts and support GiveLitter® when you visit our online store.