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How to Find a Cat Sitter

Planning a trip without your cat? Going away and want to ensure your furry friend is well cared for? Follow our guide on how to find a cat sitter using some good old-fashioned know-how and some of today’s modern online services that can pair you with interested cat sitters in your area.

Because let’s face it — you’re already going to miss your cat a bunch while you’re away and shouldn’t have to worry about your favorite feline’s wellbeing.

But first thing’s first…

Do You Really Need a Cat Sitter?

Cats are famously independent creatures, so you might wonder if you even need a cat sitter when you go away. While it’s true that cats are better able to care for themselves than, say, dogs, they do need more than just food and water.

If you’ll be gone for just a day or two, your cat may be fine with an automatic feeder and water fountain. Anything longer than that, and you’ll want to find a great cat sitter to provide the love, play, and basic human interaction your cat needs.

Not to mention keeping the litter box clean!

Ways to Find a Great Cat Sitter

There is really only two ways to find a good, reliable cat sitter. The first is…

  • ASK AROUND — If you’re hoping to find a cat sitter near you, you may need to pound the pavement a little to find the perfect fit. Don’t be shy about asking pet parents, your vet, or the local animal shelter on if they recommend a reliable and professional cat sitter. Family can also be a reliable option for those with loved-ones nearby.
  • USE AN ONLINE SERVICE — If you can’t get a solid personal recommendation, consider using an online directory to find a professional cat-sitter. Your best bet is a site for an organization that provides information and support for professional pet sitters — such as Rover, Meowtel, or even

Another proven method of finding a cat sitter online is by going on Facebook in your local community groups or cat-speciality group and seeing if anyone in your area is interested in taking on the job. Obviously you’ll want to enough vetting to ensure you’re comfortable, but social media can be a great place to connect with other cat-lovers.

what to do when you find a cat sitter?

Once you have someone lined up, you’ll next want to prep them to ensure he or she is a good fit for your furball. You’ll want to be sure to…

  • SCHEDULE A CAT DATE — Once you find someone, invite them over to meet your cat before you go on vacation. Step back and observe how they interact with your cat, and assess how comfortable your cat is with their style. You’ll also want to make sure you…
  • ASK HARD QUESTIONS — Not only do you need to know your cat will be well taken care of while you’re away, your cat-sitter will also have access to your home-so trust is imperative. Ask about insurance, experience, services provided (like grooming and dedicated playtime), and a backup plan for if your cat gets sick, hurt, or should disaster strike. Lastly, you’ll want to…
  • CHECK REFERENCES — Even if you got a recommendation from a friend, it’s always a good idea to check multiple references, and if a cat sitter isn’t able or willing to provide them, consider it a red flag.

Finding a great cat sitter can mean the difference between peace of mind and stressing out while you’re away. Luckily, with a little bit of legwork now, you can find a sitter who will serve you well for years to come.

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