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How to Make Pet Sitting Hassle-Free for You, Your Cat, and Your Sitter

Everyday, cat owners all over the country leave their felines in the watch of pet sitters. Caring for your own cat can be difficult enough at times, so providing for another person’s can be downright stressful. Nevertheless, these pet professionals assure that homebound cats stay active, happy, and healthy while their owners are away.

At World’s Best Cat Litter™, we applaud all the hard work these cat lovers put into their jobs, which is why we were honored to hear professional pet sitters often prefer our litter to simplify the dirtiest job in cat (sitting) care. In fact, a 2011 survey done by Pet Sitter’s International found our all-natural, whole-kernel corn litter was the 3rd most popular choice of all major brands for pet sitters to use!

Since the second week of March is National Pet Sitter’s Week, we thought it was the perfect time to share some insights that will help you feel a little bit better if you’re considering leaving your cat in the care of a professional.
• Write down any important health information about your cat, and make sure he or she is up-to-date on their shots!

• Be certain to tell your pet sitter about any quirks or destructive habits your feline may have. This will reduce stress for both of them, and make the relationship between the sitter and your pet grow more quickly.

• Don’t feel like your cat and sitter have to get along immediately. Some cats are naturally friendly and take to strangers right away; other ones may need a little more time to warm up. Be patient! In the meantime, a professional pet sitter knows the tricks to keeping your cat healthy and active in your absence.

• If your cat will be staying at your house, let the pet sitter know all the places he or she likes to hide! This will alleviate stress when they come to check-in on your favorite feline, and help them build a more permanent relationship.