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7 Fun & Functional Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

Guest Blogger:
Kristen Levine

Kristen Levine

Kristen Levine is a pet living expert, author and pet rescue advocate. She firmly believes we need pets as much as they need us, and thus founded the Kristen Levine Pet Living blog, where she shows us how to live happier, healthier lives through pets. Kristen lives in Florida with her husband, dog (Chilly), two cats (Olivia and Turtle) and two miniature donkeys.

No pussyfooting around! Christmas is just a few weeks away and that shopping list isn’t getting any shorter. If you’ve been scratching your head trying to figure out what to get your favorite cat lover, check out these purr-fect gift ideas that will please even the most finicky feline aficionado.

Black cat in green cat cave

1. Handmade Cat Cave

If your cat loves boxes, just imagine how much he’ll love his very own cat cave. Handmade from natural wool, these made-to-order beds from AgnesFelt come in a variety of shapes and sizes from small to XXL.




tabletop planter with grass

2. Kitty’s Garden

Giving cats some pet-approved greenery to munch on aids in digestion and helps prevent hairballs. This green grass treat contains a single planting of mixed oats, rye and barley and comes in a pretty container, so it’ll look great in just about any cat lover’s home.




cat drinking from metal bowl

3. Whisker-Friendly Food Bowls

With a low profile and gently curved sides, these stylish, stainless steel bowls help protect kitties from whisker fatigue. The dishes are made in the USA and the sleek design complements any décor.






two cats on a wall mounted cat tree

4. Wall-Mounted Cat Tree

Beautiful and functional, the handcrafted, wall-mounted Roman Cat Fort is (literally) a step above your average cat tree. With lots of levels to explore, it’s a great way to enrich a cat’s life from playtime to naptime.





gray and white cat sitting on heart shaped scratcher

5. Heart Scratcher

Satisfy your cat’s natural instinct to scratch with this cute, heart-shaped cat scratcher from Americat. With its heavy-duty cardboard, double-wall construction, it’s as durable as it is adorable.






gold statue of cat in yoga pose

6. Yoga Cat

Cats have perfected the art of Zen. And this hand-painted terracotta figurine is a whimsical, gentle reminder to take a tip from Kitty and relaaaax. Namaste!






jewelry dish shaped like a cat's head

7. Cat-Shaped Jewelry Dish

Handcrafted from high quality earthenware clay, this lacy little cat dish is the perfect size to hold jewelry or a tea light. Available in white or purple, it’s a wonderful addition to any cat lover’s collection!






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