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5 Must-Know Tips for a Multi-Cat Household

5 Must-Know Tips for a Multi-Cat Household

According to the Humane Society, 54% of cat parents share their homes with two or more cats . There are plenty of benefits to having a multi-cat household—but having more than one cat can also bring its fair share of challenges. Check out our 5 tips for keeping your multi-cat household running smoothly.

Tip #1: Multi-cat households are all about space.

You don’t need a huge house to keep your multiple cats happy, but you do need enough space to give each of your cats a place to call home. This means having plenty of snuggle spots, window perches, hideaways, and other in-demand cat locations so no one has to fight over who gets to watch the squirrels playing in the yard.

Tip #2: Many cats, many food bowls.

When it comes to food, don’t expect your cats to share. Provide enough bowls for each cat. If bullying at meal times is a problem, try feeding different cats in different rooms. The same is true for water—and because many cats prefer to have their water separated from their food, try setting up water bowls throughout the house.

Tip #3: Give them plenty of room to scratch.

Scratching isn’t just about keeping cats’ claws in good shape. Cats also scratch in order to mark their territory, so make sure you have plenty of scratching posts in your multi-cat household—at least enough for each cat to claim one as their own.

Tip #4: Count your litter boxes.

A simple rule for multi-cat households: You should have at least one litter box per cat, plus an extra. And if you’re struggling with feline aggression or bullying, don’t cover the litter box. A cat that’s being bullied will often feel too vulnerable to “go” without a clear view of the whole room.

Tip #5: Choose the right cat litter for a multi-cat household.

Even with an adequate number of litter boxes, cleaning up after multiple cats can be a hassle. Traditional clay litter is heavy and dusty, and create clumps that stick to the sides and bottom of the box—plus, no matter how often you scoop, there’s always the problem of “that smell.” World’s Best Cat Litter® offers an alternative to clay cat litter for multi-cat households, harnessing the concentrated power of corn for a lightweight, dust-free, quick-clumping solution. Check out World’s Best Cat Litter® Original Multiple Cat Clumping cat litter, formulated for outstanding odor control.

When you have two, three, four, or more cats in your home, things can get complicated. But by giving your cats plenty of space, resources, and love, you can keep the peace in your multi-cat household.