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100 Reasons Why We Love Cats

Cats are the BEST. No one does it quite like these furry little guys. They have so much sass, personality and panache packed into their tiny fluffy bodies. It’s easy to love them.

Since we dedicate so much of our lives to caring for felines, sometimes it’s hard to share just how much they mean to us. So, instead of spelling it out word for word, we thought we’d write down a couple (a hundred) reasons why we love cats.


1.    They look pretty darn cute when they make biscuits.

2.    Early morning wake-up meows are the best way to start the day.

3.    Cats are made for spooning.

4.    They love fashion … ahem, it’s called the “cat walk” for a reason.

5.    They come in meowny shapes and sizes.

6.    Cats love rom-coms.

7.    They have their own unique purr-sonalities.

8.    Cats love avocados (who doesn’t?).

9.    They love the most random toys (shoelaces, plastic bag…you name it).

10.  Cats are great listeners.

11.  They’ll never leave you alone, because they don’t understand personal space.

12.  The way they chew.

13.  They’ll help you redecorate.

14.  Cats are meowsically inclined.

15.  Felines = pest control without the appointment.

16.  Invisibility mode.

17.  They’ll always come running when you crack a can.

18.  Unlike dogs, cats are great at reading the room.

19.  Cats are basically acrobats.

20. They make great public servants (RIP Mayor Stubbs).

21. Cat hair everywhere … don’t care.

22. Sleep, sleep and more sleep.

23. Cats make Usain Bolt look slow.

24.  Naked cats. That’s all.

25. Scratchy little tongues.

26. They can imitate a crying baby to toy with your emotions.

27. Cats get more talkative when they get older.

28. The way they chirp at birds.

29. Toe beans. Seriously how are those little paws even REAL?

30. They’re way too smart for your parlor tricks.

31. They love drinking water from the faucet, even if they get soaked in the process.

32. Sometimes they let you pet their tummies.

33. Cats make great adventure buddies.

34. The catnip CRAZIES!

35. They can live for over 20 years. So there’s a good chance you’ll get to throw them a quinceanera.

36. Even their angry faces are pretty cute.

37. The way they relentlessly taunt dogs.

38. They can masquerade as loaves of bread.

39. Somehow they manage to sleep for 18 hours in origami-like positions.

40. Cats have been ruling things since the days of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt.

41. That purrrr though.

42. They’re just like humans. They get allergies too. (ACHOO!)

43. Cats like Kenny G. They love soft music too.

44. They’re shameless about where they get their pets.

45. They make great dinner dates.

46. Cats know how to code.

47. They can sniff out a good time (with their extra organ.)

48. They love a fresh seafood dinner.

49. Saucer eyes one second and slits the next.

50. Three moods: eating, sleeping, zoomies.

51. Because … Grumpy Cat! (RIP)

52. Cats can be jerks … but, like in a good way.

53. Because all they need is a ball of string.

54. Cats hate group texts.

55. Those late-night nose boops.

56. Because no name is off limits (ahem Princess Monstertruck)

57. Cats make great adoptive pets … seriously, adoption is awesome.

58. Cats take YOU for a walk.

59. The people who love cats are easily the best.

60. If you give a cat a bone…nothing will happen.

61. #cats has over 84 million mentions on Instagram

62. Cats make great detectives. They are very sneaky.

63. They absolutely love pineapple pizza.

64. Cat in the Hat … enough said.

65. Because they make some people a litter bit crazy.

66. Cat memes are everything.

67. Cats are great at setting boundaries. (No means no. Or else.)

68. One time Chuck Norris told a cat joke, and made himself laugh.

69. They’ve mastered the “too cool for school” vibe.

70. They could singlehandedly bring back the fauxhawk.

71. If you can successfully trim their nails, you can conquer anything.

72. Cats made the rodeo chic.

73. Cats will never judge your solo dance parties. (Okay, maybe a little bit.)

74. Nobody embodies the spirit of Mondays better.


76. “Vicious” head butts

77. Because cat clothes are a must.

78. Cats hear literally everything…they have 32 muscles in their ears.

79. Cats the Musical!

80. Meows.

81. They’ve got ups.

82. Cats don’t need night vision goggles. They can see great in the dark.

83. Great short distance sprinters…long distance, not so much!

84. They hold world records. Shout out to our girl NALA cat.

85. Because cats will never ask you for a ride to the airport.

86. Cats don’t have bad hair days.

87. Cat fashion shows exist … and they’re fabulous!

88. There are such things cat cafes and that’s just the best.

89. Cats are always down for a late night snack.

90. Celebrikitties > celebrities.

91. Without cats, there wouldn’t be things like CatCon or Catsbury Park.

92. They’re great at yoga.

93. Cats love fast cars. Especially Furraris.

94. Because their ideal afternoon involves a windowsill and some sunshine.

95. Cats have been to space.

96. Not fans of laser pointers.

97. They love getting flowers (to eat).

98. Cats love long lists.

99. Cat Stevens.

100. Without cats, there’d be no World’s Best Cat Litter™.

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