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3 Reasons Corn is the Perfect Ingredient for Cat Litter

Who doesn’t love corn? We’re talking corn on the cob, popcorn, and all sorts of other food products — like taco shells, cereal, chewing gum and more.

But what about corn for cats? YUP. Corn is actually a great ingredient for litter. Here’s why:

🌽 It’s Safe & Sustainable

Corn comes from the earth and is therefore considered a safe, sustainably grown, and renewable ingredient.

In fact, the USDA projects production of 1.440 billion bushels of corn this year — meaning there will be plenty of this plant-based solution to go around for food, litter, and other uses.

🌽 It’s Pet, People & Planet Friendly

The best part about corn? Growing it is actually good for the planet.

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And what’s good for the planet is undoubtedly good for us humans and our cat companions.

This is unlike clay-based litters that are mined or drilled using heavy equipment, and therefore can harm Mother Nature.

And what’s good for you and your cat may also be good for the environment… litter made with (corn) as the starting material may prove to be more environmentally friendly than popular but nonbiodegradable, clay-based litters that mostly end up in landfills.”


🌽 It’s Naturally Absorbent & Dust Free

Corn can do it all.

Not only is corn super absorbent — so you can soak up and trap odors and liquids — but it also contains no silica dust, meaning no more plumes of dusty air cascading from your litter box. 

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