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Picky Cat™


Cat not going in the box? Get the multiple-cat clumping litter that combines the long-lasting power of corn with a natural, plant-based ingredient that naturally attracts cats to the litter box. This litter formula is perfect for newly adopted cats, kittens, senior cats or any fussy feline!

Available in 12 and 24 lb bags, in pet-specialty stores only.

World's Best Cat Litter - Picky Cat(TM)

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How Long Does One Bag Last?

12 LB

Two Cats 35+ Days
Three Cats 25+ Days
Four Cats 19+ Days

24 LB

Two Cats 75+ Days
Three Cats 50+ Days
Four Cats 38+ Days

**Cost savings calculated on regular cleaning of litter based on in home testing. Based on average size cats. Results may vary.

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Curious as a Cat?

3 bags of World's Best Cat Litter - Picky Cat(TM) formula

“I had (2) bags of Picky Cat™, one of which I gave to a friend whose cat started urinating outside her box. She was taken to the vet with all tests normal. Picky Cat™ was added to the box and her cat started using the box again! Secondly, I just purchased a new kitten and the breeder used clay. I have been a true believer in WBCL so I started her out on Picky Cat™. She’s USED THE BOX SINCE DAY ONE! I would highly recommend this formula as well as any of the other WBCL formulas.”

– laurel1641


“After going through many months of our cat defecating right outside of the litter box we found the Picky Formula and decided to try it. We didn’t know what to expect since we had tried everything to encourage litter box use before purchasing the Picky Formula. Ever since we switched she has been using the litter box every day! NO MORE SMELLY GIFTS OUTSIDE THE LITTER!!! Thank you WBCL. Would rate this higher if we could!”

– Enrique and Amanda


“Living in a tiny apartment I had trouble with finding cat litter everywhere, since using this I have found none, this has truly been A LIFE SAVER and saved me from cleaning daily! THANK YOU!”

– Jantastic76


“Hi, I decided to try WBCL Zero Mess™ for the first time and my cats decreased their slips outside the litter box. Though I am on top of their situation and keep up their litter, seems they miss it at times. When I started using the Zero Mess™, I noticed less spills and more litter box cleaning, which is great as I know that they are USING IT A LOT MORE and not urinating on the floor. They are up there in senior years, so the best I can say is that I have three very happy cats, and it shows in their purrrrfect affection towards me.”

– Antonella


Picky Cat™ Formula FAQs

What is Picky Cat™ formula made of?

Picky Cat™ formula is made from whole-kernel corn that is grown in the U.S.

How does Picky Cat™ formula help my cat go in the box?

Picky Cat™ formula uses a natural, plant-based attractant to draw your cat to the box, so you can avoid litter box accidents. Picky Cat™ formula was developed in partnership with pet behaviorists for kittens, newly adopted cats, senior cats, or any picky cat who may experience feline inappropriate urination.

Is Picky Cat™ natural and planet-friendly?

Yes. Picky Cat™ formula is made of natural and renewable ingredients with no synthetic chemicals or perfumes.

How do I use Picky Cat™ formula?

As with any new litter, make sure you transition slowly over several days. Place the litter box in a good location for your cat, and maintain a depth of 2 to 3 inches. Cats prefer a clean environment, so be sure to scoop daily.

How does Picky Cat™ formula help cats use the litter box?

Litter aversion is a leading cause of cats refusing to consistently use the litter box. World’s Best Cat Litter® Advanced Picky Cat™ formula combines the long-lasting power of corn with a natural, plant-based ingredient that safely attracts your cat to the litter box so you can stop worrying about accidents, mystery smells, and messy cleanup. It’s perfect for any cat that doesn’t always go in the box, including newly adopted cats, kittens, senior cats, and fussy felines.

What if my cat still isn’t using the litter box?

When introducing a new litter, it is important to transition slowly. You can find more helpful information on our Litter Tips page. If your cat continues to go outside of the box, it may be time to consult a veterinarian or cat behaviorist. Like all World’s Best Cat litter® products, Picky Cat™ formula is backed by our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Will Picky Cat™ formula hurt my pet if it’s ingested?

No. Picky Cat™ formula is made from high-quality natural-plant ingredients that are safe for cats. As with any litter, if your pet shows an adverse reaction or begins to eat the litter repeatedly, please discontinue use immediately.

Where is Picky Cat™ formula available?

Picky Cat™ formula is available online, in pet specialty stores, and in major chains including PetSmart, Chewy, and Petco. Find Picky Cat™ formula in a store near you.