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The 4 Best Cat Litter Disposal Systems

Sick of lugging bags of litter out to the trash? For years now the standard way to dispose of cat litter is to scoop it into a bag and walk it out to the trash, which can smell. With a flushable litter, you can scoop clumps right into the toilet and flush them. However, unlike World’s Best Cat Litter™, most litters aren’t flushable.

While flushing can be the most convenient option for some, others prefer more traditional disposal methods. The following cat litter disposal systems are designed to make this process easier, with less odors and less trips to the garbage. Most cat parents swear by these four options.

Comparing the Top Four Litter Disposal Systems

1. Litter Genie Plus Pail

The makers of Diaper Genie created this system which allows cat parents to scoop litter, open the lid and drop clumps in the Litter Genie and pull the handle to lock it away. This process traps any residual odors and can store up to 14 days of scooped litter.

2. Litter Champ

This disposal system comes with a triple-seal design to lock in scents and bacteria, and a foot pedal for no-touch disposal. Liners can hold up to 4 gallons of waste, degrade underground and the whole system is made with 20% recallable materials.

3. Neater Pet Brands Neater Scooper

This option is a handheld device which allows users to scoop the litter and tip it back into a bin lined with a removable bag. The Neater Scooper is typically a good option for those with small cats who don’t produce large urine clumps.

4. Pet Fusion Portable Cat Litter Disposal

This more expensive litter disposal system includes a locking handle to trap odors and a charcoal litter deodorizer that lasts for up to six months. It includes compostable litter bags, however, it works with most types of bags, so you can purchase whichever ones you prefer.

All of these options are great for small spaces. If you’ve tried any of these litter disposal systems or have another option you think we should add to this list, let us know in the comments! Then head over to our blog for more litter tips on topics like tracking, litter aversion and more.