Bing pixel The 7 Best Cat Hairstyles (PLUS: Should You Shave Your Cat?)

The 7 Best Cat Hairstyles

Next time you give yourself a makeover and end up with a new set of bangs or a purple streak in your hair, make sure to include your cat in the fun too! A little pampering and grooming are great ways to help keep your cat’s coat healthy and ensure they both feel and look their best.

While we don’t recommend trying any of these hairdos at home, unless you’ve got an easy-going cat and very steady hands, you can always put in a request next time your cat visits the groomer!

Before we get into different hairstyles, let’s address a very common question we get all the time from cat owners:


Cat hair is a natural insulator and helps cats regulate their temperature. While grooming and trims can help keep your cat’s coat healthy and prevent matting, you should not shave your cat unless recommended to do so by your veterinarian or groomer for health reasons. Whatever hairstyle you choose for your cat, make sure there’s at least a half-inch of hair remaining to protect their skin.

7 Creative Cat Hairdos


Some breeds of cat, like the Egyptian Mau, have large, distinctive ears. A little trimming around their ears can help show off their unique, distinguished character.

2. full metal mohawk

A little water and some strategic brushing are all it takes to get your cat’s hair standing on end, just like a true rocker. Brush their fur towards the middle of their back, then use your hands to slick it up into a hardcore mohawk.

3. A Little Off the Top

The summer months can be toasty warm for a long-haired cat, and a short surface trim can help keep them cool and keep their fur from getting knotty or matted.

4. Lion Cut

This strategic trim can help your house cat get in touch with their wild roots by emulating the mane sported by the king of the jungle.

5. Zebra Stripes

Does your cat have tabby stripes? Some light trimming between their markings will help to show off their natural coloring!

6. Loafing Around

Is there anything cuter than a cat curled up like a loaf of bread with their feet tucked beneath them? Help them carry on that adorable aesthetic with some trimming to shape their hair into slightly rounder shapes.

7. Khaleesi’s Dragon

For the most fearsome, fire-breathing cats (now that would make for a GREAT television show…) this is just the haircut to show off their true spirit. First, groom your cat’s fur into a mohawk, then form it into small spikes like the scales down a dragon’s back.

When in doubt, just skip the trim and instead spend extra time grooming your cat’s fur to keep their coat sleek and chic. Whichever style you choose, don’t forget to snap a couple of pictures to share on social media.

And for the rest of your cat questions, our cat experts are here to help.