Bing pixel The Top 10 Things We Saw at CatCon 2019

Top 10 Takeaways from CatCon 2019

There’s nothing on this planet quite like CatCon. It’s the biggest cat pop-culture event on Earth and it’s a weekend of paradise for cat lovers like us!

This year’s event took place at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California, and an estimated 16,000 cat lovers from around the globe packed in to talk all things feline, check out the veritable smorgasbord of booths and even adopt cats.

10 Things We Saw, Did and Learned at CatCon 2019

1. California Cat Love

What’s better than a sunny getaway to connect and celebrate cat love? Nothing! It was a beautiful weekend in Pasadena that brought feline fanatics from around the globe together. Just take a look at the number of attendees at this year’s event.

2. Rocking the Catwalk

If cat lovers are great at one thing besides loving cats, it’s rocking the most over-the-top cat apparel and strutting their way through life like it’s a catwalk. Just check out a few of the best outfits we saw this year:

3. Ready for Anything

Not sure what your style would be for CatCon? It’s a big place and there’s a lot of stuff to see, so be like these guys who came prepared for anything with comfy shoes and ample storage.

4. Cat Lovers Unite

All different types of feline enthusiasts came together to celebrate at CatCon, and it was lovely meeting so many people who care about the same things we do! We were especially excited to see friends from fellow cat companies, cat cafes and even one of our GiveLitter® 2019 shelter partners, Kitten Rescue!

5. Adoption is Awesome

If you’re a big supporter of cat adoption like we are, you’ll love to hear that nearly 200 cats found their forever homes this year. Just look at these two adorable kittens that were available for adoption this year. How could you not take on of these fur babies home?

6. You Say it Best

When it comes to cat love and litter – you say it best. That’s why we asked real cat parents who visited our booth to tell us their story: how they became cat parents, what they look for in a litter, and why they love cats.

7. Expurrrrience the Fun

There were so many fun booths with great experiences, free swag, cute cats and more. There’s so much to see and do at CatCon, you’ll wish it lasted longer than a weekend! The cat love is almost overwhelming, but in the best way possible.

8. It’s About the Litter Things

You can’t have cats without cat litter. And boy, do cat parents have a lot to say about litter! We had such a great time showing our litter in action and sharing how we use whole kernel corn to make litters that clump quickly to trap odors and make for easy scooping.

9. Celebrikitties: They’re Just Like Us!

One of the coolest parts of CatCon is getting to meet the celebrikitties we spend all year following on social media. One of the most exciting ones in attendance this year was @nala_cat, the most followed cat on Instagram!

10. It’s Hard to (Fanny) Pack it All In!

Despite wearing our limited-edition fanny packs around the event, it was hard to pack all the excitement and swag into one weekend! There were so many booths to see and we wanted to take home something to remember everyone we met by.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi! We had such an amazing weekend, and we can’t wait to do it again next year. Get the inside scoop on upcoming events, promotions and giveaways by signing up for our email list!