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Famous Felines: Best Celebrity Cat Lookalikes of 2023

Ever since the British tabloids pointed out that the legendary statesman Winston Churchill looked a lot like his pet bulldog, popular culture has taken notice of the occasional resemblance between humans and our furry friends.

Of course, doggy doppelgangers are not the only domesticated species that can play that game. The worldwide web is teeming with comical pairings of celebrity humans and carbon copycats.

The fuzzy-faced actor Ron Perlman (aka Ron Purrrr-el-man) is the perhaps most famous “cat man,” but a quick online search reveals countless others — from lion-maned singer Beyonce to big-brained physicist Albert Einstein.

Here we’ll share some of our all-time favorites, plus a couple of new ones. One of the best compilations of animal/celebrity duos comes from the folks at a fun website called Bored Panda.


The Genius

Albert Einstein and his spirit kitty share a playful sense of humor and a fine set of whiskers. Fun fact: One of these creatures developed the Theory of Relativity, the other enjoys toying with mice.

The Action Hero

They may look a bit menacing, but sources say box-office giant Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and this little fellow are actually a couple of pussy cats.

The Songstress

Their curly, flowing, golden-brown tresses create a visual kinship between Colombian pop superstar Shakira and a gorgeous Domestic Longhair in this pairing from Mad Paws. Meow.

The Little Tramp

Silver screen pioneer Charlie Chaplin exhibited cat-like grace in his famous silent film roles and a striking resemblance to this stylish black-and-white feline.

The Punk Icon

Iggy Pop, the shirtless “Godfather of Punk,” and this hairless cat share sleek leathery skin, a “Lust for Life” and a reputation as raucous noisemakers.

The Exotic Dancer

Hey ladies! Their smoldering gaze and physical sensuality make “Magic Mike” actor Channing Tatum and this little cutie an au natural addition to our list.

The Archvillain

Bald is beautiful for Dr. Evil and his trusty feline sidekick Mr. Bigglesworth, who delighted millions of fans in comedian Mike Myers’ “Austin Powers” films. Shagadelic, baby! 

The Surrealist

Salvador Dali — the famed avant-garde painter whose subjects included melting clocks and, yes, cats — shares a wide-eyed intensity and a curvy, upward-pointing mustache with this cuddly kitty counterpart.

The Warrior Princess

OK, it’s mostly about the outfit here. But Xena the Warrior Princess and this little leather-clad gladiator both look ready to do to battle — one with her sword, the other with four paws sporting razor-sharp claws.

The Man-Child

Is it just us, or does kiddie comedic actor Pee-wee Herman look quite a bit like fellow juvenile mischief-maker the Cat in the Hat? The signature red bow tie kind of seals the deal.

Got a cat celeb lookalike that’s not on our list?

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