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8 AMAZING Reasons to Adopt a Cat from an Animal shelter

Adopting a cat from a shelter not only dramatically changes the little guy or gal’s life for the better, but doing so also offers a host of benefits to pet parents and their extended families.

You scratch a shelter kitty’s back and they’ll scratch yours, so to speak.

While the single most important reason to adopt a cat from a shelter is that you will be saving a life, there are several others as well. Let’s have a look. 


1. You Help Save More Than One Life — That’s because adoption creates an additional opening at the shelter for another cat or kitten to be saved. And just think, if you adopt two cats, that’s even more space freed up. Truly a great way to “paw” it forward.

2. Shelters Typically Have A Great Selection — Sadly, many cats are homeless; this means your area shelter will likely have a wonderful lineup of future furry friends to choose from. We’re talking about various breeds, both older and younger.

3. The Animals There Are Always Well Cared For — Some cats may have come from challenging circumstances, but the folks at the shelter give them the TLC (including the vaccinations, medicines and care, behavioral screenings, and human contact) they need to successfully join a new family. 

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4. You Get a Cat with a Guaranteed Clean Bill Of Health — Shelter cats are more often mixed breed cats than purebred, which means they are less predisposed to such health issues as heart defects, neurological disorders, and hip dysplasia. Getting a cat from a shelter ensures that any health issues have been flagged and that they’ve been given a clean bill of health before being put up for adoption. 

5. They Are Budget Friendly — Adoption fees can be considerably lower than the cost of buying a purebred cat from a pet store or breeder. Plus, your shelter cat will come with all of their shots and will also be spayed or neutered — meaning less money spent at the vet right off the bat.

6. You’ll Be Doing A Good Deed For A Fellow Creature Of Planet Earth — Earning good cat karma is not an officially recognized benefit of shelter adoption, but it is definitely part of the deal.

7. Your Life Will Be Enriched — In addition to helping a less fortunate feline, adopting a cat from your neighborhood shelter will also improve your own quality of life, in intangible ways as well as those cited above.

8. You’ll Have A Friend For Life — Of course, your new cat is your friend, but don’t forget about the fine folks who helped you find your best bud. Shelters do incredibly important work and we think the people who help get cats adopted are nothing short of superheroes.

So, as you can see, shelter cat adoption is a win-win scenario. Not only are you helping a shelter cat, but you’re patronage and adoption fees end up helping the shelter stay open to serve other furry friends. If you’re thinking of bringing home a new fur baby, be sure you have all of the right stuff in your home.