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8 Amazing Stories of Cats Getting Rescued & Adopted

Each year, approximately 3.4 million cats enter animal shelters nationwide and roughly 2.1 million of those furry felines get adopted — leaving many shelters bursting at the seams with cats needing homes.

Thankfully, access to adoption is better than ever today as you can scroll through online profiles, watch cute kitty videos, and even have virtual meet-and-greets before bringing your new friend home.

Shelters are also stepping up their game, transforming into cozy havens where cats get lots of love and care while waiting for their forever homes. From socialization and enrichment to top-notch medical care, these efforts help ensure cats are happy and healthy, making their transition into new homes smoother.

All these positive changes are painting a brighter future for cat adoption in the U.S., proving that with a little love and effort, we can all help make sure every cat has a happy tale to tell.

So, because it’s Adopt-a-Cat month, we thought we would share a few good stories of cats from all over the country finding their forever homes. And the best part? Each one of these amazing stories comes from one of our GiveLitter® partners! Hooray!

8 Terrific Tales of Cat Adoption

It’s the case of a curious stray cat who found himself in the care of the awesome team at Lollypop Farm.

Collin Robinson, affectionally named after a character in the show ‘What We Do in the Shadows due to his love of lurking in dark places, battled not only his own shyness, but also feline leukemia, before he was adopted.

Thankfully, after 164 days, Collin was adopted and is reportedly being “spoiled rotten” by his new cat dad, Shannon.

Read the whole heartwarming story here.

It’s like something out of a movie — an adorable tortoiseshell cat goes missing, only to turn up five years later roughly 15 miles away from her home.

Feya, who was reported missing from her home in Mt. Pleasant, SC, in 2019 turned up at the Charleston Animal Society and was thankfully microchipped.

The cat was in rough shape, but warmed up once she was reunited with her owner again.

Check out the crazy tale here.

This little guy had quite the welcome to the world, experiencing a host of health issues, but the crew at North Shore Animal League was able to give him a new lease on life.

Lincoln, who early on was diagnosed with congenital rickets (a vitamin D deficiency), hypocalcemia and recurring bowel issues due to a narrow pelvis, got so much TLC from dedicated veterinary staff, that he improved well beyond expectations.

He even found a forever home thanks to the shelter’s pet sponsorship program.

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It’s always the best when new cat parents reach back out after adoption with updates about their new cat, or in this case, cats

Before Rocky & Pickle found a home they were known as French Fry and Milkshake — but that all changed when they were adopted by Bill and Jerilee.

The newly named cats are reportedly thriving in their new homes.

Check out the cute update here.

It’s another heartwarming welcome home story — poor Oscar had quite the five months away from his favorite human.

Having snuck out the door, Oscar endured what must have been quite the incredible journey as a stray. Thankfully someone brought him to the Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh, where the team located Oscar’s microchip and made probably the most amazing phone call to his owner, Meagan.

 Months away from each other, the pair was reunited thanks to a microchip.

Check out their reunion that was caught on tape here.

From the streets of Kansas City to the loving care of the folks at KC Pet Project, Spork has quite the story to tell.

The little kitty, who was found limping on the side of the road, was taken in and treated for several wounds, not to mention other health issues.

After four months up for adoption, Spork was sent packing to his new home — where his owner aptly named him Jupiter.

Check out the feature of the cat formerly known as Spork here.


This little kitten made the long haul from Texas to Massachusetts, where clinicians at MSPCA-Angell were astonished at what they found.

Unlike anything they’d ever seen, both of Gumby’s back legs were deformed — making it incredibly hard to walk. But somehow, Gumby found a way and was known to walk all over the shelter, and even use the litter box.

The incredible story earned its own place in People.

And earned even more media coverage once he was adopted by a family, who promptly renamed him Noodles.