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Is World’s Best Cat Litter®️ Flushable?

Looking for a better way to clean the litter box? The traditional method of scooping, bagging and tossing litter in the trash isn’t always ideal.

For many cat parents, flushable cat litter is not only a more convenient option, but a more environmentally-friendly option as well. The litter box can be kept in the bathroom where clumps can be scooped directly into the toilet.

Let’s flush out the details a little more shall we?

World’s Best Cat Litter®️: Flushable or Not?

Yes, all formulas of World’s Best Cat Litter®️ are flushable*! Rigorous testing from an independent expert lab showed all our formulas are flushable and safe for both sewer and septic systems—surpassing not only the US standards, but also the global flushability standards.

Unlike traditional, clay-based litters, World’s Best Cat Litter®️ is made from whole-kernel corn and doesn’t require filling your trash with bags of soiled litter. Simply scoop, flush and move on with your day!

*Designed to flush in well-maintained systems. Flush only 1-2 clumps of World’s Best Cat Litter®️ at a time in the toilet.

Is Clay Litter Flushable?

Clumping clay litters are not flushable, because they’re made from bentonite clay. Bentonite clay forms a cement-like compound in water, so flushing it could clog pipes or damage septic systems. Because of this, using traditional clay litter means also signing up for endless trips to the trash.

What’s more is, almost all bentonite clay is strip mined – a process that’s known to be environmentally destructive. Because clay litter can’t be flushed, large amounts of it end up in landfills and doesn’t biodegrade like natural litters.

Is Flushable Cat Litter Bad for the Environment?

In recent years, scientists have become more aware of a serious illness called Toxoplasmosis, which is caused by a parasite, Toxoplasmosis Gondii, sometimes found in wild and domestic cat feces. Knowing how to prevent your cats from becoming infected and how to care for an infected cat can help ensure this parasite is not spread by flushing cat litter.

How Do CAts Get Toxoplasmosis?

Toxoplasmosis is most often contracted by cats after eating infected prey such as mice or birds. Keeping your cats indoors at all time will significantly reduce their risk of becoming infected.

If a cat has Toxoplasmosis, they typically won’t show symptoms but will shed the T. gondii parasite in their stool for 1-3 weeks. After three weeks, there is no risk for transmission. Even when cats are shedding the parasite, it takes at least 24 hours (and up to 5 days) for the parasite to grow into a state that can infect humans. 

How to Prevent the Spread of Toxoplasmosis

When you get a new cat, particularly a stray, keep him/her separate from other cats for 3 weeks. Do not flush their litter during this this time period. Sanitize their litterbox with boiling water, and as always when cleaning the litter box, wash your hands carefully. Scoop the litter box daily to help prevent the spread of Toxoplasmosis.

Why Should You Switch to Flushable World’s Best Cat Litter®️?

Want a litter that’s less work AND more eco-friendly? It’s only natural.

Making the switch to World’s Best Cat Litter®️ means you’re choosing litters made from renewable, planet-friendly corn grown right here in the United States. Our eight different formulas offer added natural ingredients to help solve the biggest litter box challenges faced by cat owners. With World’s Best Cat Litter®️ there’s no need to chisel or scrape the litter box, because the corn granules naturally clump quickly for easy scooping.

How to Flush World’s Best Cat Litter®️

Scoop one to two clumps of World’s Best Cat Litter®️ at a time into the toilet where they’ll quickly break down, then flush! It’s as simple as that.

World’s Best Cat Litter®️ went through a rigorous testing process to make sure that our litter won’t clog pipes, sewers, or septic systems when flushed.Get more insight, tips and tricks for the litter box over on our blog.

56 responses to “Is World’s Best Cat Litter®️ Flushable?”

  1. Hello. I am happy to read this but am wondering why it is not marked anywhere on the bag?

  2. worldsbestcatlitter says:

    Hi Jonathan, currently, we do have stickers located on the front top portion of our bags that notify that the litter is flushable. If for whatever reason you see or have a bag that does not have this sticker, please be assured all of our litter is flushable and safe for both sewers and septic systems.

  3. Julianne says:

    Ditto Jonathan’s comment. No sticker on my bag either. You should change your packaging because you’ll lose customers who only buy flushable cat litters, and will assume your litter isn’t flushable because it’s not marked anywhere.

  4. worldsbestcatlitter says:

    Hi Julianne, thank you for your comment. Our packaging is being updated so flushable stickers will appear on all future packaging as it is updated and released. Thank you for purchasing World’s Best Cat Litter!

  5. jason says:

    The flushable label is on the bag I bought last month

  6. Sue says:

    Is there a limit to how much you can flush? I have 2 cats that are very frequent visitors to the litter box…

  7. worldsbestcatlitter says:

    Hi Sue,
    We recommend 1-2 clumps at a time. Thank you for your question and thank you for using World’s Best Cat Litter!

  8. Hank says:

    Is the ADVANCED NATURAL PINE BLEND also ok to flush?

  9. worldsbestcatlitter says:

    Hi Hank,

    Great question! Only World’s Best Cat Litter™ uses the concentrated power of corn, not clay, so you can flush it without worrying about clogs. World’s Best Cat Litter™ is flushable* and safe for sewers and septic systems.

    * The State of California encourages the disposal of cat feces in trash and discourages flushing feces in toilets or disposing of them in drains.

  10. Will says:

    Is there a limit to how often (how many times per day, say?) you can flush litter down the toilet? In other words, should we be in the habit of flushing all cat poop down the toilet?

  11. worldsbestcatlitter says:

    Hi Will,

    There should be no daily limits on the number of times you can flush
    litter down the toilet. Because it is a food-based product (made with
    the concentrated power of corn), it is safe for most* toilets and septic

    *The State of California encourages the disposal of cat feces in
    trash and discourages flushing feces in toilets or disposing of them in

  12. Quinn says:

    I just tried flushing it and it clogged my toilet….. now the water isn’t refilling as fast. I am pretty nervous that I messed up my plumbing..

  13. Matterae says:

    I’ve been your customers since decade ago, although during the period, I have experimented other brands only because I wanted to find a brand with eco friendly packaging such as made of post-consumer materials that puts less stressful impact on environments. But I find myself have always come back to your products for overall practicality and less negative environmental impact from your corn made cat litter.

    I truly hope someday you will consider to package your product with either biodegradable materials or at least post-consumer materials like recycled papers or plastics, then you might live up to the name of ‘world’s Best’! 🙂

    Thank you so much in advance for reading and considering the suggestion.

  14. worldsbestcatlitter says:

    Thank you for your comments. We love your support and ideas and will certainly consider it in the future.
    Thank you for being a (decade long!) fan of World’s Best Cat Litter!

  15. Jennifer G says:

    Just out of curiosity, you did only flush the “waste” with the litter on it, not the entire litter box worth of litter?

  16. First Last says:

    We have been using this for about a year and a half and the litter was initially dust free but now contains a good 15-20% of powdered product that goes everywhere like clay dust. I have heard this observation from friends as well. Was the formulation changed? It really has become quite a mess and will build up on the top of covered boxes and on furniture near the uncovered box.

  17. worldsbestcatlitter says:

    Because World’s Best Cat Litter™ is a natural product, from time to time there may be some slight variations in color, scent, texture, etc. However, this variance should not be so great you are unhappy with the product. Please reach out to our customer service team, as they’d be able to help with additional details like where you purchased the bag from, which formula you used etc. You may reach them at:

  18. John Schroeder says:

    I hadn’t realized that corn had joined the ranks of “powerful when concentrated” fruits and vegetables! When did that happen?! BEFORE or AFTER good ol’ Oxygen? Also, this seems as good a place as any to ask why… *WHY?* does California have such recommendations and what are the logistics supporting the recommendation? I’m asking because I know CA. is very sensitive about their “Water Table” and what may or may not contaminate it, just as *I* am very sensitive about the state of *MY* “Water Table” and what gets past the rudimentary filtering system I often call my “Face”, “Brain”, “Mouth”, or “Tongue” and seeing as how none of my warning/filters detect or prevent Mercury…California’s big concern and the major reason (along with Carbon Monoxide or CO) for all the strict filter/muffler/converter laws, I’d really like to know what’s *IN* the litter that CA. is concerned about *W/O* having to scour the same websites and stuff that folks like the C.I.A and F.B.I use…if it’s not scary, and it’s nothing to hide, there shouldn’t be any issue with granting my long-winded, pompous, and overzealous request for the information!

    John Schroeder

  19. World's Best Cat Litter™ says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, John. You can learn more about the concentrated power of corn here:

  20. Sarah in Baltimore says:

    Thanks a lot. My toilet is now clogged all up cause of this stuff. This stuff AIN’T flushable.

  21. sutojimmy says:

    Try getting a Diaper Genie. You still have to knot off the bag and put it in the trash, but it’s the most convenient thing I’ve found other than calling a plumber every other day. Cheaper than a plumber too.

  22. World's Best Cat Litter™ says:

    Sarah – Please reach out to our Customer Service team with your concerns.

  23. Robert says:

    Cat feces has a parasite in it called Taxoplasma gondii (causes toxoplasmosis) which has been linked to increased mortality in Sea Otters (the same Parasite is why pregnant women should not scoop litter boxes-can infect the baby). Generally, people with healthy immune systems shouldn’t have any problems. You shouldn’t flush cat feces, it has nothing to do with the litter.

  24. Sarah in Baltimore says:

    Why? Are they gonna come over here with a plunger and unclog my toilet? This stuff also turns my cat’s feet from white to yellow. This stuff is junk

  25. b18brat says:

    I’ve been having the same issue for months now. It’s more than just an isolated bag here or there, it’s every bag I’ve bought for well over 6 months. I originally started using this litter because I have a cat with respiratory issues and I needed something as close to dust-free as possible. I was in the process of researching other litters when I came across this posting. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to try another brand.

  26. First Last says:

    They didn’t do anything to help just told us that there was going to be some dust. Then don’t say you are dust free and certainly all the dust currently is not even low dust

  27. Michele K says:

    Here is my concern on flushing . Most areas water supply is from recycled water . Hence , sewage is “cleaned” then released back into local rivers and water systems. This is where drinking water also comes from. Cats carry parasites , especially toxoplasmosis. … I know in my are there are a lot of people with either Primary Immune Disorders or Secondary Auto-immune disorders. So can these parasites and disease be eliminated safely in a sewage treatment plant. What if your cats are on meds . Our drinking water is already inundated with medications that can not be filtered out as of this time.

  28. World's Best Cat Litter™ says:

    Michele – Our flushability is tested and certified by a reputable company
    that certifies all kinds of consumable and non- consumable products. We
    appreciate your comments, but know that we are abiding by all
    laws/regulations that are established for/by municipal water systems.

  29. Kelly Askenase says:

    I’m about to take a journey with my cats. To have them use the toilet I’m looking for the best flushable cat litter. I know it says flushable but, is it able to handle weeks or months for training to flush down toilet?

  30. Tabby says:

    agreed! same as Sarah, my toilet is clogged now! 🙁

  31. Tabby says:

    yep, I actually have to purchase a flour sieve to filter out almost 6 full cups of fine powder!!!!! Please get rid of the fine power in the factory line pls pls pls .

  32. Tabby says:

    A question to the manufacturer. If customer flushed the litter into the toilet, for whatever reason – maybe want to get rid of them, as it is marketed as flush-able, will there be any issue? Can someone test flushing the litter down the toilet 2 cups at a time, see when the toilet will get clogged?

  33. Lesle Digby says:

    My cat’s urine used to clump very well as one piece but recently breaks into many much smaller pieces which are difficult to gather.

  34. Cj says:

    Your drinking water is not comingled, at all, with treated waste water disharges. There have been stingent requirements from epa since clean water act.

  35. Annie says:

    I have 2 cats and have been flushing the world’s best litter for 3 years without any problems. Love it, and the only plumbing issues I have is when hubby uses too much t.p.! Maybe I’ll get a box for him!

  36. Laural says:

    Hi, I have been using World’s Best Cat Litter for years and have never had a problem. For those who said it clogged their toilets, you can’t flush a massive amount at once. For instance, I have 3 cats and 4 litter boxes. For the two litter boxes in the downstairs bathroom in the morning or evening, I usually scoop one box, flush, then the other, and flush. The only time I ever had a problem once was when I tried to flush, like 5 – 6 clumps at once. Then, I had to use a plunger to clear it, but it cleared immediately. I learned my lesson. It is the best litter out there!! Also, it won’t hurt my cats if they lick their paws, like the other toxic litters do. Love it!!

  37. Savannah says:

    I have used this litter for years. It does not have a problem unless you put a lot in toilet. So if you scoop twice daily as a litter box is suppose to be then that will not be a problem. Yellow is probably from urine not being removed daily so cat has to walk in there own urine.

  38. Momhat says:

    Do you think it’s actually worse than human feces from all over the world? Including hospital sewage? Flushed water is treated before it becomes tap water.

  39. Robert says:

    Guess you don’t know how to read or research. Yes, it is worse. Look up things before you make uneducated statements.

  40. Taylor Kozak says:

    My male cat has this problem as a result of crystalluria. My other cat uses the same box and her urine clumps just fine. I would suggest getting your cat tested or at the very least, make sure he gets plenty of water and feed him either wet food or sprinkle water on his dry food to avoid UTIs or urinary blockages. I assume “he” because this is more often a problem for male cats.

  41. SMolloy says:

    Would this be considered biodegradable? I live on several acres of land. Would it be okay to throw used litter outside (away from my house of course).

  42. Airial says:

    My cat dislikes this litter and refuses to poop in it and I’m worried as to where he might be pooping. Any ideas on how to get him to like it?

  43. anne55 says:

    Yes, but is it environmentally safe? Meaning you aren’t spreading toxiplasmosis into rivers and lakes? See this article:

  44. Debbie says:

    Hi, I am wondering how the litter will affect a sewage sump pump.

  45. Rebecca says:

    I am planning on toilet training my cats but most flushable litters don’t recommend using them with a septic systems. Would you recommend this litter for toilet training or would the amount of litter getting knocked into the toilet be too much?

  46. Kap Gallo says:

    Correct. I have been using this product for years. I have one cat now, but used to have two. In my experience, staying on top of the situation will eliminate any problems of toilet’s being backed up. For me, the magic number was once in the morning, once after I got home from work and once before going to bed. I have been using the same toilet for 22 years and no issues.

  47. Linda says:

    That did it! Reading all these posts just helped me make up my mind. The cat GOES! I’m the caregiver of my mother with dementia . She has a cat. I am not a cat person nor do i approve of animals or humans pooping indoors unless it’s in the toilet. Right now I’m the only one who does and i have to crunch through cat litter to get to it. Dementia and pet ownership are not synonymous. They don’t compute. (no, mom doesn’t clean the cat box. three guesses) I Googled your product thinking it might be a solution. grr NOTHING IS. Thanks anyway.

  48. Jeanne says:

    I have used this litter for several years now and it is flushable. Never had a problem at all.

  49. Jeanne says:

    I have 2 cats, clean their boxes several times aday. Love this litter and so do my cats.

  50. Hillary Ciocca says:

    Hey Linda..sounds like you’re going through alot….but that’s not the cats fault. Your mother is probably the only owner that cat has ever known and cats are actually really great for dementia patients. Do your research. Don’t get rid of something just because you don’t really think it fits your life.

  51. Linda says:

    The cat doesn’t clean his own box.

    Felis domestica is not indigenous to North America, so I can’t in good conscience let it roam outdoors to poop. His owner, being in steep decline dementia, has for all intents and purposes, ceased to exist as a functional pet owner. I will place him in a good home.

  52. SabbathRules says:

    What about all the dog shit that dog owners leave everywhere??? Is that delicious?

  53. JD Mumma says:

    Probably best to bury.

  54. JD Mumma says:

    Re: “certified by a reputable company”
    Seems odd that you would not post the company name.
    Is the company name a secret or can you post their name so we can request full information and inquire about the study design for certification?

  55. Sussan J Cardona says:

    Are waste water treatment plants treating for toxoplasmosis? Or has it been tested by your team that basic chlorination will kill the parasites? All I find online is that it is not safe, but it is not supported by any studies.

  56. Cassandra says:

    I have the same question. Thanks in advance for replying, World’s Best Cat Litter.