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How to Cat-Proof Your Home

12 helpful tips to create a safe environment and cat-proof your home, so your cat can roam free without causing you to worry!


1. Store your medicine properly

Store all medicines and chemicals in a tightly enclosed space, and make sure no clever cats can find their way in!


How to Cat-Proof Your Home2. Check window screens

When cat-proofing, to prevent falls, ensure your window screens are locked into place and can’t come loose.


3. Research plant safety

There are a large number of plants that may be poisonous to cats, so before you buy any for your home, make sure to research which are plants safe for cats. Some common plants that are poisonous to cats include lilies, tulips, English ivy, oleander and azaleas.


How to Cat-Proof Your Home4. Keep the seat down

Be careful about leaving toilet bowls open: Small cats may fall in and get stuck. Toilet bowl cleaners can also leave a residue on the bowl which is harmful to cats.


5. Store your gear

Keep fishing lines and hooks confined and out of the reach of cats, because they can get stuck in paws or curious mouths. Hooks can be extremely dangerous to intestines if swallowed.


6. Practice cord safety

Tie up any excess cords or ties, or tack them down when necessary.


How to Cat-Proof Your Home7. Protect tiny toes from open fires

Avoid candles and open fires. Heat sources such as wood stoves and fireplaces should be screened off to prevent cats from accessing them.


8. Keep poisons out of reach

Chocolate, coffee and tea all contain Xanthines, which are dangerous to felines, and should be placed out of their reach. Grapes and raisins are also poisonous to cats.


How to Cat-Proof Your Home9. Close the door

Keep doors to warm places such as ovens, microwaves and clothing dryers closed, as cats might sneak inside there for a nap and could get stuck.


10. Keep playtime safe

Be careful about leaving strings around, and make sure to only use cat-safe toys. Strings can be harmful if swallowed.


11. Provide a smoke-free home

Tobacco and nicotine products can be toxic or fatal to cats, so be mindful of keeping them out of your cat’s reach.


How to Cat-Proof Your Home12. Keep the kitchen clean

Uncooked meat, fish and poultry can contain disease-causing bacteria. You should be careful when cooking, and make sure not to leave any contaminated silverware lying around.


Keep your home feline-friendly and cat proof with these 12 tips. Your furry friends will love you even more for putting their safety first!