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9 Best Cat Cities in America

Cats are generally happy pretty much anywhere, but there are a few cities in the U.S. that are absolutely purrfect for our feline friends.

Whether it’s the high-perched windows of the Windy City, or the golden sun rays shining down on San Fran, there are a few certain cities that we believe possess the litter things cats love.    

Our team took a look at the data, asked our fans on Facebook to weigh in, and came up with the following list of best cat cities in America:

Best Cat Cities in America

New York City

New York City is a cat lover’s paradise. Its tall buildings, noises, birds, and everything in between are great reasons alone – but it is also filled with cat-friendly cafés, spas, shops, and hotels that would make traveling with your furry friend a breeze. The big city is perfect for your kitty — especially one that enjoys watching the world go by her window.

Los Angeles

If you’re a cat lover in Los Angeles, you’re in luck! Los Angeles has a unique cat culture that no other city in the country can match. You can find many cat-friendly venues in Los Angeles, such as gyms, bookstores, and convention centers, and of course, we love everyone at Kitten Rescue Los Angeles. Not to mention the beautiful weather – perfect for taking your cat out for a walk in their cat backpack or on a leash.


We love Chicago for deep-dish pizza and Navy Pier. Cats love Chicago because of the views! While birds fly back and forth, an apartment cat is in her element watching all the wildlife pass by. For cat lovers, there are a number of cat cafes and events throughout the city that celebrate all things cat-related. The only thing Chicago is missing is a great sports team with a cat mascot.


Everything’s bigger in Texas – and that includes the love of cats! Apart from the perfect climate for window perching, Dallas is also one of the first cities in the country to be certified as a Better City for Pets™, as part of the Mars Petcare Better Cities for Pets™ program. There’s also apparently a very popular Dallas bar with a catio that cats love to call home.


The best thing about Atlanta? The sense of community. There’s always an opportunity to see a cat art exhibit, head to a cat café, or even host a community meet-up. Take yourself and your cat to one of the many cat events in the city to make new friends – both kitty and human alike!


Another Texas city! Are we surprised? The Texan love of cats is real. Along with the stimulating environment of Houston, venues across the city cater to cats and cat lovers. Check out cat events like Yoga with Cats and Meowvie Nights at El Gato Coffeehouse Cat Café. You can’t go wrong!


There’s just something special about Philadelphia. Why is it so wonderful? The beautiful year-round weather, the people, the nature, and the cat-friendly culture! Locals can’t miss Le Cat Café – a purr-isian-style café filled with plenty of adoptable kitties. In a city that allows up to 5 cats per household? That’s dangerous!


If you have a cat that prefers snuggles over-exercise, then we have the city for you. Seattle’s quintessential rainy aesthetic is the best for a cuddle session on the couch. That’s not to say that the views aren’t still stunning – they are! Plenty of nature is right outside your window for your feline to gaze at all day long. Seattle is also home to our favorite catio expert ever.

San Francisco

Why do we love San Francisco so much? It’s simple – those hills are ideal for bringing your fur baby out and about! Whether your cat is in a cat backpack or leash, she will be happy to get both physical and mental exercise while walking around this sprawling metropolis. As an added bonus, one of the country’s best Cat Café is located here. Check out KitTea Cat Café when you’re feeling like having tea and cat snuggles!

There’s no doubt that these cities are some of the most cat-friendly in the US. With both natural beauty and cat culture, they really can’t be beaten. However, you don’t have to worry if you’re not local to these spots! No matter where you live, we’re betting your cat is living his or her best life.