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Does Your Cat Litter Pass the Naturally Safe Sniff Test?

The litter box is arguably one of, if not, the most important part of your cat’s home environment. Think about it – it’s a place they’ll spend part of every day of their life.

So, doesn’t it make sense that whatever litter you choose to put in your cat’s box is safe and sustainable?

Parents wouldn’t let their child play around in a sandbox if they knew it was full of potentially harmful chemicals. And if they had to replace the contents frequently, they’d want to avoid choices that negatively impact the environment. Shouldn’t the same go for our furry friends?

In the litter business we call this being Naturally Safe.

What is Naturally Safe?

As the #1 natural cat litter brand, we’re proud to put our stake in the ground and proclaim Naturally Safe as being both SAFE FOR CATS and SUSTAINABLE for the environment. Not only is our natural litter made from renewable whole kernel corn — a sustainable plant-based solution — but it’s proven flushable* — so you don’t have to throw it in the garbage.

What’s more – our litter contains no harmful chemicals, no artificial perfumes and no silica dust. It’s truly pet, people and planet-friendly.

So, what about your litter? Can you confidently say it’s both safe and sustainable?  If you’re unsure whether your litter passes the “naturally safe” sniff test, ask yourself a few of the following questions:

1. What is My Litter Made From?

While on the surface litters like clay and crystal can all claim to be natural, it’s important to look a little deeper into how each litter is produced — especially at how the litter is sourced.

For instance, do yourself a favor and look up the details on how clay and crystal litter are manufactured. It’s ok – we can wait.

While both are undoubtedly popular litter choices, do some digging and ask yourself: If my litter uses a material that is strip-mined and drilled from the Earth, is it really sustainable or not?

“Environmentally, clay litter is an absolute catastrophe. The Bureau of Land Management estimates that some 8 billion pounds of the stuff winds up in landfills every year. And, here’s the kicker – it is completely non-biodegradable. Which means your cat’s mummified poop clump will be here longer than you or me. Yipes.”

-Jackson Galaxy

2. What Else is in My Litter?

It’s only natural to assume that your litter contains some additives that help improve performance, but how do you know if the ingredients aren’t going to do more harm than good?

It’s crucial to do your homework and make sure whether everything in your cat’s litter is up to snuff. Ask yourself – does it contain any chemicals that could be considered harmful? Does it contain artificial perfumes? What about silica dust? Does it contain anything that could be harmful if ingested?

Looking a little deeper into what’s in your litter may help you determine pretty quickly whether you feel it’s safe and natural or not so much.

3. What Happens When I Throw It Away?

Ever wonder where your litter goes when you throw it away? The answer is that it most likely heads to the landfill.

This is why what your litter is made of is so important. If your litter is flushable — like our litter — then problem solved. But if it’s not — welp.

Call us a little biased, but it’s only natural that we consider our litter to be a great option for cat lovers who care about safety and sustainability. 

Not only is naturally safe World’s Best Cat Litter™ made from renewable whole-kernel corn, but it also is free from harmful chemicals, artificial perfumes and silica dust. World’s Best Cat Litter™is 2X longer lasting than the leading clay brand without all the synthetic ingredients, so cat lovers don’t have to choose between great performance and safety. Even our scented products use natural fragrances like plant-based botanicals and real lavender oil.

To learn more about our naturally safe cat litter formulas, visit our litter FAQs.