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120+ Cat Shelters, Rescues, and Cafés Making a Huge Difference

When it comes to finding a feline friend, nothing rocks more than adopting a cat from a shelter, rescue, or who knows…maybe even that adorable new cat café down the corner.

Just like the lyrics of our favorite ballad, adopting a cat from a shelter can fill our hearts and homes with love, companionship, and a rockin’ good time (err…ever been woken up at night by a cat with the zoomies?).

These organizations are the cat’s meow because they give cats a second chance at finding their forever homes. Simply put, just like the guitar chords that harmonize to create beautiful music, shelters bring together cats and loving families. 

So, because it’s Adopt-A-Cat Month — and because we happen to be in the middle of our Shelter Cat Rock! 2023 GiveLitter® Tour — we wanted to take an intermission to offer up a special shoutout to all 120+ of our shelter partners and thank them for all of their hard work.

5 Standout Cat Shelters

Greenhill Humane Society – (Eugene, OR)

This longstanding shelter has been caring for animals since 1944, offering programs and services for not only cats and dogs, but other animals like rabbits, lizards, and tortoises. 

The nonprofit is in danger of losing a large chunk of its funding, so it needs support now, more than ever. 

MSPCA — (Nevin Farms, MA)

The MSPCA continues to absorb other shelters across Massachusetts — moving them into the network and providing them with the needed support to allow them to continue their mission – helping pets.

The shelter’s impact has been truly incredible — we’re talking about 8,793 pets adopted in 2022 alone.

Kitten Rescue — (Los Angeles, CA)

This superstar shelter, which was founded in 1997, not only supports numerous special needs cats that rarely get adopted with significant daily care but the entire facility is set up like a “catio” — with almost every adult cat having access to the outside with full freedom to roam.

Kansas Humane Society (Wichita, KS)

As Wichita’s largest privately-funded, non-profit animal shelter organization, KHS does a remarkable job of connecting to the community — whether in person or online and on social media.

Not only does the shelter highlight 20-25 animals in need of adoption each day, but it also recently went viral thanks to a story of “Pedro Pspspscal,” a cat named after actor Pedro Pascal who was rescued and featured in some creative social media posts.

Humane Society of Scott County — (Davenport, IA)

This shelter is almost always at capacity, but it will never turn away an animal.

Not only does it routinely get creative with finding space for pets — like leveraging other shelter space in the area or moving employees’ workspaces — this humane society also makes adoption accessible by offering weekly deals that make bringing home a pet more affordable.

Rock on to all of our shelter partners. The work you do rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing cats liter-ally saves lives! 

And let’s face it — the lyrics of our existence are made sweeter by the purrs, snuggles, and playful antics of our adopted rockstar cats. 

Want to help shelter cats? ROCK ON!