Bing pixel A Breakup Letter To Your Litter Box

Dear Litter Box, It’s Not Me – It’s You.

The following is a breakup letter written for cat owners looking to break up with their litter box. You deserve a litter that clumps quickly to trap odors on contact, without the artificial ingredients and silica dust. You deserve the best. Cat parents – feel free to utilize this letter to end the toxic litter box relationship in your life.

Dear Litter Box,

We’ve been through a lot together, good times and bad times…and if I’m being honest – it was mostly bad times. I wanted it to work out between us more than anything. Together we could have conquered the smells and the mess and created a happy, healthy environment for our sweet kitty, (insert cat name), to grow up in.

Regretfully, that future just isn’t in store for us. Between the invasive odors, the crumbling clumps and the artificial ingredients, you tested my patience. Most importantly, you showed me that settling for less than the best just isn’t worth it. I need a healthier relationship in my life. I deserve it.

That’s why I’m switching. I need something more stable and more reliable at trapping odor and clumping on contact. Something that can outlast you on your best day. I’ll always remember the times we shared, but it’s time for me to dump you and move on.


Not settling any more