GiveLitter - Thanks

With the help of fans like you, we donated 90,000 lbs of litter to shelters in need!

GiveLitter - Thanks


546,651 lbs of litter donated

75,000+ cats supplied with a month's worth of litter

64 shelters supported

One Goal. Giving that cat the home it's been waiting for. GiveLitter

We started GiveLitter™ six years ago with a simple idea: empower cat-loving fans everywhere to help donate free litter to the hardworking shelters that need it most. Our donations have been large, but the impact on the lives of shelter cats is larger. And our work isn't done. We're out to do even more with GiveLitter™ in 2017. Stay tuned to learn how together, we can GiveLitter™.

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High-Performance Cat Litter
Where It Counts

There are more than three million cats in shelters in the United States. These hardworking shelters need a litter box solution that really works! That's where GiveLitter™ comes in. We give shelters FREE World's Best Cat Litter™, the only litter that harnesses the concentrated power of corn to deliver outstanding odor control and quick-clumping, easy-scooping cleanup. With your help, we're making it easy for shelters to do more with less litter.

High Performance Cat Litter Where It Counts

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