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World’s Best Cat Litter®️ Partners with SAVE our SHELTER to Donate Much-Needed Litter to the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center

Partnership Continues World’s Best Cat Litter’s Commitment to Helping Cats and Shelters that Care for Them

Muscatine, Iowa – January 19, 2016 – World’s Best Cat Litter®️ has partnered with television series SAVE our SHELTER as part of its ongoing effort to support shelters across the country.

SAVE our SHELTER airs on The CW and follows show creator, pet-expert and founder of DOG for DOG® dog food, Rocky Kanaka, along with renovation specialist, Rob North, as they hit the road to help breathe new life into animal shelters and rescue facilities across North America.

SAVE our SHELTER is part of the One Magnificent Morning lineup that airs on Saturday mornings, presented by The CW in partnership with Litton Entertainment. Episodes air every Saturday through September 24, 2016, educating audiences about pet-related topics and culminating in a big reveal. Audiences will witness heartwarming news that one or more pets have been given a forever home.

World’s Best Cat Litter®️ will be featured in an upcoming episode filmed at the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center in Santa Paul, CA. World’s Best Cat Litter®️ provided litter to the shelter and supported the efforts of SAVE our SHELTER to make needed improvements and aid in adoption.

“This partnership was a no-brainer for us,” said World’s Best Cat Litter®️ Brand Manager Jean Broders. “We love every opportunity to partner with programs that are as passionate about bringing awareness to the importance of adoption and helping shelters as World’s Best Cat Litter is. It’s always so humbling to see what can be accomplished when people who care for pets in need come together to help.”

World’s Best Cat Litter®️ has put forth a dedicated effort to support shelter pets since the inception of its unique cat charity GiveLitter™ in 2010. GiveLitter™ empowers cat lovers everywhere to help donate free litter to shelters across the country with just the click of a mouse.

Chad Bennett, CEO, Populus Brands said, “World’s Best Cat Litter is on a similar mission to end pet homelessness and we are extremely proud to call them a partner of Save our Shelter. There is such an overwhelming need in neighborhoods across North America and their support in our efforts to makeover animal shelters, and to get as many pets adopted as possible has been key.”

Since World’s Best Cat Litter launched GiveLitter™ in 2010, the program has resulted in the donation of more than 456,000 pounds of litter to shelters across the United States, and has helped raise awareness about the importance of adoption. World’s Best Cat Litter®️ is proud to offer an all-natural litter that is not only pet, people and planet friendly, but that offers high performance where it counts—in the hardworking shelters around the country that need to get the most out of each bag of litter.

About GiveLitter™:
At World’s Best Cat Litter®️, we love cats as much as we love our customers. That’s why we developed the GiveLitter™ program to support the shelters that are dedicated to making life better for homeless cats. With GiveLitter™, World’s Best Cat Litter®️ partners with our customers to help get the word out about animal welfare issues, promote pet adoption, and donate free cat litter to shelters. The GiveLitter™ program is an active, ongoing effort, and every purchase of World’s Best Cat Litter®️ helps support shelter cats. For more information about GiveLitter™, visit

About World’s Best Cat Litter®️:
World’s Best Cat Litter®️ is a family of clumping cat litters that offer concentrated power for a cleaner litter box. Our patented process harnesses the power of naturally absorbent corn to create formulas that guarantee outstanding odor control, quick clumping and easy scooping. It’s the pet, people and planet friendly litter that truly works. Offered in a variety of clumping formulas and sizes, the litter is available in PetSmart® and PETCO®, select Target® and Walmart stores, and other leading pet and grocery stores nationwide. World’s Best Cat Litter®️ is produced by Kent Pet Group, headquartered in Muscatine, Iowa.