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World’s Best Cat Litter®️ Donates 30,000 Pounds of Cat Litter to Animal Shelters Impacted By Hurricane Sandy

GiveLitter™ Expedites Charitable Donation In Response To Urgent Need

Muscatine, IA – November 15, 2012 – World’s Best Cat Litter®️ provided a big boost to two struggling tri-state animal shelters by donating 30,000 pounds of cat litter in the wake of the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy.

A special GiveLitter™ charity effort resulted in 15,000 pounds of free World’s Best Cat Litter®️ being delivered to Manhattan-based Animal Haven and Eatontown, New Jersey-based Monmouth County SPCA. Both non-profit organizations were hit hard by a hurricane that caused significant damage to coastal areas of New York and New Jersey.

Animal Haven was without power for nearly a week after the hurricane and faced an overwhelming number of animals due to lower-than-normal adoption rates in the weeks leading up to the massive storm. Their rising cat population left them in a situation where they were in dire need of supplies, including cat litter.

Monmouth County SPCA was running on emergency generators, had no form of communication and was completely out of litter when GiveLitter™ stepped in to support them following the storm.

GiveLitter™ charitable campaigns are usually scheduled in advance. However, World’s Best Cat Litter®️ reached out to the two shelters with a special donation that made sure free litter was delivered quickly. To date GiveLitter™ has donated more than 170,000 pounds of litter to non-profits across the country.

“World’s Best Cat Litter®️ is dedicated to supporting shelters across the country with our GiveLitter™ initiative, and Hurricane Sandy lending our support for what was a timely and dire situation,” said Jean Broders, Brand Manager of World’s Best Cat Litter®.

Shelter leaders said the GiveLitter™ donation was a huge boost during a time when need was great and supplies were scarce. “Hurricane Sandy presented a huge challenge for our staff and rescue animals. We appreciate GiveLitter™ responding to ensure we have the cat litter we need to get through this crisis,” said Kendra Mara, Associate Director of Animal Haven.

“World’s Best Cat Litter®️ clearly cares about those finding forever homes for cats. This donation will go a long way as we work to recover from such a devastating storm,” said Barbara Pucillo, Manager of New Initiatives and Policies and Procedures For Monmouth County SPCA.

About GiveLitter™:
World’s Best Cat Litter®️ was founded on more than sound science. It was founded on a love for cats—indeed all pets—a respect for communities and a responsibility to the planet. That is why it is committed to giving to programs that further and enhance human-pet relationships, community viability and earth-friendly sustainable practices. Give Litter™ maximizes potential donations by using the web and social media to increase reach and make giving easy. Web site:

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