Bing pixel The City Dweller's Guide to Living in a Small Apartment with a Cat

The City Dweller’s Guide to Living in a Small Apartment with a Cat

Living with a kitty in the city can be challenging. But it can also be pretty great too, provided you’re fond of sharing some small square footage with a feline, of course.

But as any city dweller with a cat will attest, finding a way to maximize your space is crucial — especially when your furry roommate is known to climb the walls now and again.

Whether you’re thinking of adopting a cat companion to share a small studio apartment with, or if you’re just looking for ideas on how to make your little place a litter more cat-friendly, we have some thoughts for you!

But first things first…let’s cover your cat’s wellbeing.

How to Feed, Clean, and Care for a City Cat!

Having a cat in the city can pose different challenges than pet parents in the suburbs face. Everything from exercise to bath time becomes more complicated when you’re dealing with a smaller space.


Living in a city, it’s unlikely you’ll have an excess of closet space to store large bags of food or litter. Not to mention lugging those bags a few blocks home from the store, by foot, or even on the subway. Even a lightweight litter feels heavy after carrying it so far. Luckily, you can get your favorite products delivered automatically by most online retailers, so you can shop in smaller quantities.


Showerheads aren’t often a favorite of our feline friends, and most city apartments don’t offer spacious tubs. When it comes to bath time, if you’re lucky enough to have a tub, fill the bottom with a few inches of lukewarm water. But for those with only a shower, you’ll want to invest in a handheld showerhead with a long enough hose to reach your cat, instead of trying to force them under a faucet. Groom your cat daily to reduce shedding and help them keep a healthy coat, and make sure they have regular nail trims for their health and the health of your furniture.


Your cat’s health is the most important factor in keeping them happy and ensuring they live a long, full life. Find a reliable vet close by and schedule regular checkups to monitor your cat’s wellbeing. At home, make sure your cat is receiving enough exercise through daily playtime to keep them mentally and physically fit.

How, you ask? Let’s talk lifestyle next.


Feline confident about the basics of city-cat care? Don’t stop there! There’s so much meow to cover when it comes to enriching your cat’s lifestyle in an urban jungle.


All city-livers know the challenge of making the most out of a small apartment, but how can you do the same for your cat? Think vertically! Cats love to climb, so look for scratching posts, hammocks, and more that can mount on your walls, or look for stackable alternatives that can help turn your apartment into a jungle gym fit for a city kitty.


The last thing you want in a small apartment is smelly litter in the box or in your trash. Opt for a natural litter that traps odor on contact and that’s flushable, like World’s Best Cat Litter™, then keep the box in the bathroom where you can easily scoop and flush clumps. If you prefer not to flush litter, there are also litter disposal systems available that can lock in odors and make cleaning the box a little more convenient.


Not too fast – we’re not saying you should let your cat off-leash to roam the city like they’re in the movie Aristocats. BUT a daily harness-and-leash walk around the local park is a great way to give your cat some exercise and let them connect to their ancestral instincts. For kittens, special needs, and senior cats, try a cat stroller or backpack so they can see the outdoors without as much physical exertion.


There’s a whole world of entertainment and enrichment options available for cats, and most cat-parents only scratch the surface of it! New cat-tech can help your cat get plenty of excitement inside your studio apartment. Not only are there are tons of fun smart cat toys, but there are also a ton of cat apps and even tv shows to keep them engaged.

Just because you’re living in 500-square feet, doesn’t mean you can’t still give a cat an amazing life with all the proper care and enrichment they need to thrive. Ready for more information on adoption? Download our A-Z Guide!