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Best Cat Apps to Entertain, Train, and Care for Your Feline

In the past, we had to turn to vets or friends to get advice on our pets, but with today’s impressive innovation and technology, it only makes sense that there’s a cat app out there for every need – even ones designed to entertain your cat.

No matter what kind of smart device you have, there’s an app to help keep your cat entertained, provide care reminders, give expert advice, help you find a pet sitter, and more! Here are a few of our favorites:


Pocket Pond 2

Your cat will love watching and helping you raise, breed, feed, and trade these beautiful fish in your own virtual koi pond!

Cat Alone

Just like the name says, there’s no human supervision necessary for your cat to enjoy this game. Just leave them alone with your device and let them try to chase and catch various objects during the six stages of this game.

Game for Cats

This app is the digital version of a game of cat and mouse! Set up a mouse or even a laser pointer for your cat to chase on screen.

Cat Playground

Want more fun options for your cat to chase? This app offers mice, fish and a laser pointer to keep your cat stimulated and entertained.



Keep your cat’s health organized and on track with 11pets, which offers care and medication reminders, medical and health record storage, and even follow-ups after medical incidents.

Pet First Aid

This app by The American Red Cross helps provide veterinary advice and education through videos, quizzes, and step-by-step guides for over 25 common pet situations.


Did you know this pet-sitting app is for more than just dogs? That’s right, find a sitter for your cat too and get updates on their care while you’re gone.


Cat Clicker Training

Whether young or old, this simple app can help you start to clicker train your cat. When you or your cat touch the paw on the screen it will make a clicking noise. Check out their videos for tips on using it in training.


Ask advice from veterinarians, pet trainers, nutritionists and experts on anything from potty training your cat to diet tips!

Who knew technology could be a cat’s best friend? Is your favorite cat app on this list? Let us know in the comments! There may be an app for everything, but we still think we have some of the best cat care tips around.