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Best Cat Conversations on the Internet

It’s been a lonely year for a lot of us, but sometimes all you need to feel better is a little further cat connection — either with your feline friend or with other like-minded cat lovers like yourself. 

If you’re feline the need for cat-loving companionship, the internet offers a variety of forums to foster connection among other cat people and give you the opportunity to share your experiences and learn from other dedicated cat owners. 

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best cat forums on the internet.


The Cat Site is the ultimate Q&A and advice website, featuring forums about cat health care, behavior, grooming, and nutrition. This site allows you to ask a specific question of your own for the community to help you with, but you can also look through the archive of previous posts, some of which are incredibly niche.

When there aren’t any issues present in your cat’s life that you need to look into, you can feel free to browse through and contribute to one of the various meme and photo pages which include, ‘Cats in Boxes!’, and ‘A Meow Meow Gif a Day Keeps the Woof Woof Away’.


Cat Forum is a great place for anyone who has a question about their cat to post on to get helpful advice from the community. Before you publish your question, you could search the 1.2 million pre-existing posts to see if anyone’s already answered it!

Their most popular forums include ‘Behavior’ and ‘Health and Nutrition’, and overall, it’s clear that this is a place for people who care deeply about ensuring their felines are happy and healthy. 


Pet Forums is a great site for anyone who has other pets in addition to a cat because it offers forums about all domestic pets. They offer subforums for cat owners that include topics about cat health, nutrition, training, behavior, and more.

They also have forums for members to share photos of their cats and to share their cat’s favorite toys and products– these forums are a great place to interact with and get to know other devoted cat owners. 


Love Cats is a popular public Facebook group with 262.5k members and plenty of super cute cat content to go around. This page is an excellent spot to share photos of your own cat and to build connections with other caring cat lovers.

Although this group isn’t going to be the best place to look for advice, joining will most certainly bless your Facebook newsfeed with a daily dose of cat photos. 


After agreeing to the rules and answering a couple of questions, you’ll likely be welcomed into the private ‘Just cat things’ Facebook group and free to browse through thousands of inquisitive and informative cat posts and to make posts of your own. This group currently hosts 197,000+ members and is a good environment for connecting to other cat owners that you share interests with. 

Although this group isn’t going to be the best place to look for advice, joining will most certainly bless your Facebook newsfeed with a daily dose of cat photos. 


Cats Make Me Happy is another private Facebook group, which means you’ll need to answer a couple of questions and review their rules before you’re allowed in to connect with their 233,000+ members.

This page defines itself as a ‘nice and peaceful group’, clearly designed for people like you who love cats and just can’t get enough fun feline content. 


This is another private Facebook page with just 3,500 members! Smaller groups like this exist all over Facebook and if there’s something about cats that you absolutely love, (i.e.: cat feet, sleeping cats, chonky cats, etc.) you’ll probably be able to find a forum for that too.

This one’s specific to cat advice though, making it a great place for cat owners to ask questions and share their experiences. 


This is probably the biggest cat forum you’ll find online, making it excellent for browsing through cat memes but less effective for advice-seekers. Feel free to share your own silly cat content, for it may end up being seen by a portion of the 2.5 million viewers following the forum.

This is definitely the go-to site for when you’re at work and need something to distract you from how much you miss your own cat. 


With 40,000 users, the ‘Cat Advice’ Reddit forum is much smaller than the ‘Cats’ reddit page and is dedicated to providing cat owners with answers to their questions. If you consider yourself an experienced cat owner or an expert, this is a great place for you to offer up your knowledge because there are hundreds of users seeking advice at any given time.

From queries like ‘Are Zoomies in Indoor Cats Normal?’ to ‘My Newish Cat Vomits When I Have Guests Over’, you can learn a lot simply from reading through the various questions and answers that this forum has archived. 

Being an attentive cat parent is more than just providing your cat with the necessities, it’s learning about their breed, tending to their preferences, resolving the issues you notice them struggling with, and much more.

Forums are a great place to learn but remember to never take a stranger from a forum’s advice too seriously and to do your research before making any changes to your cat’s life. It’s always recommended that you take your cat to a veterinarian if they’re showing any signs of discomfort or symptoms of illness or injury.

And as always, if you need a little insight on what to put in your cat’s litter box
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