Bing pixel So…You Want to Adopt a Cat?

So…You Want to Adopt a Cat?

Are you contemplating adopting a cat? That’s AMAZING!

We’re thankful for people like you…for the late-night cat video watchers, the people who avoid animal shelters because they know they can’t leave without a new pet, and for those who’ve never had a cat but think one might be a good fit for their lifestyle.

Thinking about adopting a cat? Woman holding orange cat in her arms

Sometimes it’s hard to believe we’ve been given the privilege of sharing our space with these fluffy, expressive creatures. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of bring a new cat into your home – adopting is an extremely emotionally fulfilling experience. We open our hearts to a being that shows their love in much different ways than we do.

We take on the role of provider, parent, caregiver and friend in exchange for their company, and maybe even some cuddles.

If you’re not quite sure whether to adopt, we’ll be the first to admit that adopting a cat is no small thing. It’s a huge life change – even if you already own a cat and just want to adopt another. There’s a lot of prep to do, and we don’t just mean buying bags of food and litter and calling it a day.

How to Prepare for Adopting a Cat:

Preparing for this transition can seem overwhelming, but luckily you can count on people like us who love cats for a living to give you the low down.

That’s why we’ve written so many blogs in the past on these topics, to help our fellow cat-fanatics prepare their homes for a new fur baby, like some of these top performers:

But this time, we thought we’d take it one step further.

We searched through years of our best blogs, social posts and talked with our team of cat experts to compile an A-Z Adoption Guide with all of our best tips and advice, then added in games, puzzles, coloring and more activities cat lovers of all ages can enjoy.

World's Best Cat Litter A to Z Adoption Guide, cover image and booklet opened to show pages A and B

As cat lovers ourselves, it’s a joy to bond over cute videos, memes, blogs and most of all – the litter you use in your own home. We’re surrounded by an amazing community of cat parents, animal shelters, cat cafes and organizations that make our furry friends their first priority every single day.

At World’s Best Cat Litter™, we’re staunch supporters of cat adoption. We hope you get as much joy and education out of this guide as we put into creating it! Want more cat news, care tips and giveaways in your life? Sign up for our email list.