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What Kind of Cat Are You? Take this Quiz to Find Out

While we all may have our own purrsonalities and unique characteristics, there’s undoubtedly a quirky cat-breed that fits each one of us. Ever wondered what kind of fantastic feline you’d be? Take this quiz find out:

Instructions: To take this quiz, read through the questions and select one answer for each. Once you’ve finished, tally up the total number of points you got for each response and match your total to the results at the end of this page.


1. On the weekends you can find me:

  • Sleeping (1 pt.)
  • Reading a good book (2 pt.)
  • Netflix binging (3 pt.)
  • Out for brunch (4 pt.)
  • Hiking the nearest mountain (5 pt.)
  • Roadtripping (6 pt.)

2. I feel best when I am:

  • Well rested (1 pt.)
  • Learning something new (2 pt.)
  • Having alone time (3 pt.)
  • With my friends (4 pt.)
  • Being active (5 pt.)
  • Doing something crazy (6 pt.)

3. My best feature is my:

  • Long hair (1 pt.)
  • Hands (2 pt.)
  • Witty persona (3 pt.)
  • Eyes (4 pt.)
  • Fit body (5 pt.)
  • Carefree attitude (6 pt.)

4. When it comes to litter I absolutely need:

  • Unscented (1 pt.)
  • Tight clumps (2 pt.)
  • Dust Free (3 pt.)
  • Odor control (4 pt.)
  • All natural (5 pt.)
  • A cat attractant (6 pt.)

5. I want a home with:

  • Peace and quiet (1 pt.)
  • Lots of personal space (2 pt.)
  • Prime entertainment (3 pt.)
  • Plenty of cats (4 pt.)
  • Room for activities (5 pt.)
  • Wheels for traveling (6 pt.)

6. If I was a cat, I’d be:

  • Sleeping (1 pt.)
  • The ruler of my house (2 pt.)
  • Perched high to watch everyone (3 pt.)
  • Friends with all the other cats (4 pt.)
  • Jumping and climbing everywhere (5 pt.)
  • Testing my 9 lives (6 pt.)

So…which cat would you be? Tally the points for your responses to see your result!


1-6 – Persian

You’re the high-need for a low-maintenance lifestyle cat. Your desire for a calm and quiet life trumps all else, but not to worry – you’re a cat, so you can sleep 18 hours a day in the sunlight and no one can fault you for it. Just find a comfortable perch in a serene room and the low maintenance cat products you need to live your best life.

7-12 – EGyptian Mau

Oh regal one, you are the ruler of the household. You’re no naïve Nancy, and you know what you want. You pride yourself on your intelligence, and others pride you for it too. You know to only surround yourself with high-quality products that are good for the environment.

13-18 – Scottish Fold

You, Scottish Fold, are the observer not the instigator. You don’t want to stir the pot but you love to sit back and watch from a comfortable perch as the drama goes down. Even in a multi-cat household, you manage to keep your paws clean (probably with dust free litter).

19-24 – Tabby

As a Tabby, you’re the Miss or Mister Congeniality of the bunch. You love spending time around others and thrive in groups. You’re a ball to be around and are always down for a little friendly compurrrtition. You know what you want (quality always) and you’re not afraid to meow for it!

25-30 – Bengal

Get down with your athletic self! You love to be out and about, go on adventures and get your muscles meowving. You’re proud of your fitness and know how to treat your body right by using natural products without harsh chemicals. Your paws are always on the go!

31-36 – Devon Rex

Hey, we heard you were a wild one. You’re unpredictable, creative and love living life outside the box! You may just need a cat attractant to prevent litter box accidents, but you’re not concerned with such trivial matters. You’re always up for an adventure and aren’t afraid of a little danger!

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