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23 Best Cat Costume Ideas for Halloween

Deciding on a Halloween costume is a big decision. The even bigger one is deciding how to dress your cat for the occasion — if you’re into that sort of thing.  

Whether or not to dress your cat really comes down to two things – your personal preference and your cat’s comfort.

Some cats feel their best with a shirt on, and some would rather hang out with the neighborhood dog than don that bandana you bought for them. When in doubt, the first and easiest option for a Halloween outfit is to dress your cat au natural. After all, what’s better than their built-in coat?

If your cat is cool with costumes, we’re here to help you narrow down the options to find just the right one for your fur baby. Should you opt for something spooky, or something trendy and adorable?

Keep in mind: Make sure any costume you choose has room for your cat to move comfortably and doesn’t obstruct their whiskers.

We scoured the internet to compile a list of all the BEST cat costumes we found into different categories, so you can find just what you’re looking for! PLUS, we found human-sized costumes to go with, so you can match!



Rodeo Kitty

This year, rodeo is all the rage and Halloween is the perfect time to get in on the trend. Harness the vibes of the wild west with this adorable cowboy cat costume! Goes great with those cowboy boots and hat you’re planning on wearing…

Catosaurus Rex

A long, long time ago, the Catosaur would have ruled the land just like they currently rule our homes. Not only is this costume adorable, but it would totally match one of those human-sized ones.


Let your cat act out their best rodeo bull impression in this harness costume, while an adorable cowboy mouse rides atop the saddle. Meanwhile you can rock this other rodeo look.


Let your cat be their most mythical, magical, EXTRA self in this rainbow unicorn costume. And you can be your most extra self in one too.


Cat bat

Grab a pair of these cat wings to give your cat a spooky Halloween upgrade. One look at your cat in this costume is enough to make you shriek…and immediately want to cuddle them! Get down with your bat self in this matching look.


Let your cat make the most of the witching hours with a pointy hat adorned with spider legs, and an LED collar that’ll make for the perfect spooky glow. And you’re in luck, they make spider witch costumes for humans too.

Count Catula

This costume brings a whole new meaning to the cat collar. This dapper, reversible cape and bowtie can turn your cat into the most irresistible creature of the night. Great news — there’s also a spooky version for yourself.

Little Devil

Learn to embrace your cat’s mischievous side with this devilish look. Then, get this flaming red one to match!

Spider Cat

Spider cat, spider cat, does whatever a spider cat does. Can he climb up a wall? Yes, probably because he still has claws. And you can be a real spider-man or woman with this larger-than-life version.


Little Mermaid

Does your cat dream of swimming down with the fish? Get them this outfit fit for an underwater princess. The long red wig takes this look to another sea level. Up on the land, you can walk on two legs in this coordinated costume.

Little Red Riding hood

My what beautiful costumes these are. All the better to trick or treat in! With these fantasy looks, you can be the Big Bad Wolf to your cat’s Little Red Riding Hood.


Breakfast is served

We’re not exactly sure why you’d want to make your cat wear a felt frying pan for Halloween, but more power to you. We’ll be even more impressed if you wear this fork costume to match.

Turkey Cat

Gobble, gobble. Get in the Thanksgiving mood a little early with this knit Turkey hat for your cat. You can even do a “before and after” look with this inflatable, roast turkey outfit.

Taco Cat

We can’t even taco ‘bout how cute this costume is. (You’ll have to use your imagination.) It’s only right that you dress as hot sauce to match.

Avocado Toast

Help them look like a snack for Halloween with this deliciously adorable costume. It may be the best thing since sliced bread. Make it millennial with an Avocado costume for yourself.

Pizza Pie

We love cats. We love pizza. We might sound cheesy but these costumes are a little slice of heaven.



Much like the other prehistoric dino costumes, these getups throw it way back to the land before time. You might go extinct from the cuteness.

Fuzzy Bunny

This plush pink jacket with giant fluffy ears is the perfect costume for a cat that needs a little extra comfort. It’s like a Halloween costume and a warm hug all in one. Don’t worry, we found a fluffy, pink one for you too.


Just imagine your cat stalking through the house in this shark costume with the soundtrack to JAWS in the background. Talk about spooky. No fancy costume is necessary for this pairing, just throw on your favorite swimsuit (and a jacket for warmth) and you’re all set to take the bait.

Wizard of oz – Lion & Witch

Your cat can be the fiercest feline around with a lion’s mane costume for Halloween. You already know they’re king of the house. Dress as a witch and have a friend tag along as a wardrobe for a fun literary themed group look.


As if your cat needed another way to grab attention, now they can glitter and shine and shake their tail feathers in this peacock costume. Take it up a notch with a fantastic costume to match.


French Chef

Not interested in buying a costume? Create this chef look yourself with household items. Then make a rat costume for yourself. Voila! It’s Catatouille.

Witch Kitty

Get in the Halloween spirit with this colorful DIY tutu and witch hat for your cat! Then, check out these witch makeup, hair, and costume tutorials for yourself.

If you’re still not sure which costume is right for your cat, try considering their natural demeanor. Their unique purrrsonality should give you a clue which Halloween getup is just right for them. Remember to always put your cat’s comfort first, and when in doubt let them skip the outfit and go au natural.

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