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Keeping Litter in the Box and Off the Floor

Guest Blogger:
Kristen Levine

Kristen Levine

Kristen Levine is a pet living expert, author and pet rescue advocate. She firmly believes we need pets as much as they need us, and thus founded the Kristen Levine Pet Living blog, where she shows us how to live happier, healthier lives through pets. Kristen lives in Florida with her husband, dog (Chilly), two cats (Olivia and Turtle) and two miniature donkeys.

Let’s face it. Dealing with the litter box is never going to be listed as one of the Top 10 Favorite Cat Parent Chores. Aside from the actual daily scooping, it can be, well, messy. Especially if you have a cat like my Olivia, who seems to think it’s a hoot to kick out every last piece of kitty litter onto the floor and then watch me step on it with my bare feet. Eww!

Honestly, as a busy pet mom, I would rather spend my free time cuddling my kitties, instead of scooping, vacuuming and mopping up after them. So I’ve come up with all sorts of shortcuts and workarounds to make this chore easier.

For example, my litter box is enclosed and scooped daily. A broom and dustpan are stored nearby so I can tackle any stray litter right away. And switching to World’s Best Cat Litter® helped cut down on the mess a lot. It’s made with planet- (and pet-) friendly corn, it’s flushable*, and it’s great for controlling odors. Plus, it has impressive clumping power.

But that darned Olivia still manages to find a way to “spread the joy.”

That’s probably why I was way more excited than I probably should have been when I heard about the new multi-cat formula from World’s Best Cat Litter®.

Although I haven’t had the chance to personally use it with my cats yet, I got a sneak peek and demonstration at this year’s Global Pet Expo. As I learned, they’ve somehow found a way to make life easier for moms and dads of determined litter-hurling felines like mine.

This miraculous feat is accomplished with super-absorbent plant fibers that quickly trap liquids in tight clumps, which means no chiseling, no scraping and no crumbling … which helps keep litter IN the box where it belongs. And it even has two times more odor control without resorting to heavy perfumes or chemical smells.

Less work, less odor, and less litter on my floor? Sign me up! See how World’s Best Cat Litter® Advanced Series Zero Mess™ can make life easier for you.

And now I’m off to tell Olivia that her professional litter-tossing days are over. I hope she doesn’t take it too hard.

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