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Cats in 2019: A Year in Review

Overall, 2019 was comprised of memes, memes, politics and more memes. We can’t say we’re mad at it, we do love a good meme (especially if it’s about a cat). We saw video memes on TikTok and hot topics like Area 51, Keanu Reeves and Baby Yoda.

But, what did the year look like for cat lovers?  We took a look through Google Trends to see which topics clawed their way to the top of the search charts in 2019.

The Most Popular Cat Topics of 2019

1. Yelling at Cat Meme/Smudge the Cat

It should come as no surprise that this expressive white cat was the king of cat searches in 2019. Smudge the cat and his judgy stare became so prevalent on social media, it was unlikely to go more than five posts without seeing his furry mug pop up.

2. Coughing Cat Meme

An early star, this meme came to be right at the beginning of 2019 after a photoshopper edited a photo of a cat to make it look like it was coughing. Consequently, Twitter joined in to share videos of children making this same expression.

3. Captain Marvel Cat/Goose the Cat

We were blessed when 2019 gave us the hero we never knew we needed…no, not Captain Marvel. We’re talking about her cat, Goose, who turned out to be (SPOILER) kind of a weird alien-demon? But an adorable one at that.

4. Grumpy Cat

Sadly, this year was the year we lost an icon – Tardar Sauce, AKA Grumpy Cat. After acting as the queen of memes for half a decade, this deceivingly sweet cat passed away peacefully in the arms of her family.

5. Black Cat Football

For once, cat lovers and sports fans united to hail the black cat that crashed the field during an NFL game. The appearance was made all the better by intense commentary from legendary sports announcer, Kevin Harlan.

6. Crying Cat Meme

It was a year full of strong emotions, the “pleading eyes” emojis and a new Lana Del Rey album that could only result in a series of crying cat memes to embody our overwhelming feelings of despair.

7. Cat Adoption/Cat Rescue

On the flip side, it was also a great year for rescue cats, as the #adoptdontshop movement continues to gain steam. We were proud to do our part, donating up to a million pounds of litter through our #GiveACrap campaign.

8. What Does Catnip Do To Cats

This year a lot of people wondered about catnip and what it does to drive cats wild. Spoiler alert: this herb contains an oil called Nepetalactone that stimulates cats’ neuroreceptors similarly to pheromones.

9. Big Cat

Thicc bois and chonky gals were the unsung heroes of this year. The internet rallied behind some very chubby cats as they found their forever homes and started on their weightloss journeys (special shoutout to Cinder-Block).

10. Maine Coon

And last but definitely not least, Maine Coon cats had their moment in the spotlight after a few kittens went viral for looking like grumpy old men, which is both adorable and a little creepy.

What a year it’s been for our furry friends. We can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store. We predict…more cat memes! For more cat love, check out our cat music playlist or head over to our blog!