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A Year of Cats: A Month-by-Month Breakdown of Fun Feline Facts and Folklore

No matter the time of day, month, or year — there’s always something cat-related worth celebrating.

There’s National Cat Day, International Cat Day, National Black Cat Day, Cuddly Kitten Day, National Tabby Day and the list goes on and on.

But we’re not just talking about important holidays or monthly observances (which you can keep track of easily by downloading our free monthly Cat Love Calendars.) There’s a whole host of other great anniversaries and dates in the catosphere worth remembering. You know – those meow-ments that become cherished memories just because you love cats!

The following is a MONTH-BY-MONTH BREAKDOWN OF ALL THINGS CATS — including historical cat dates, reminders of cat-related celebrations and moments and even some random cat history!



Contrary to popular belief, cats do not celebrate the New Year with us on January 1st, instead, they practice their own historic holiday, Mew Year’s Day. The very instant the clock ticks past 11:59:59 pm on Mew Year’s eve, it’s a tradition that felines everywhere rejoice and enjoy exuberant, frantic zoomies throughout their respective homes to ring in the Mew Year. 

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  • Get some bubbly or cat nip and celebrate Mew Year’s Day on Jan. 2.
  • On Jan. 2, 2021, FOX premiered a sitcom Call Me Kat about a single lady who spends her lifesavings opening a cat café.
  • Lend an ear to your feline friend on National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day – recognized every year on Jan. 22.


Do your feline a favor in February by paying close attention to their health – it is after all THE month for it. Upgrading their diet, brushing their teeth, and enjoying extra exercise by playing are all things you can do for your cat to show them you care about their wellbeing. You can also look forward to the single greatest show on turf…no, not the Super Bowl. The Kitten Bowl!

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  • Keep your cat healthy all month long during National Cat Health Month.
  • Tune in to the greatest game on turf – The Kitten Bowl – held each year on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Brush, Floss, Purr, Repeat all month during Pet Dental Health Month.
  • Love Your Pet on Love Your Pet Day, observed every year on Feb. 20.


Beware the meows of March and secure any poison your cat could get into. It is the month for poison prevention after all. Also use this month to give your pet a big thumbs up and hope they give you one back. And most importantly (in our humble opinion), March is THE month for non-stop cuddles…seriously.

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  • Keep an eye on your favorite guy (or gal) throughout all of Pet Poison Prevention Month.
  • Thumbs up to If Pets Have Thumbs Day, observed every year on March 3.
  • The first-ever, iconic Simon’s Cat Video (62 MILLION VIEWS!) was posted on March 4, 2008.
  • Have cuddles on cuddles on cuddles all day long for Cuddly Kitten Day, observed annually on March 4.
  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T your best bud on Respect Your Cat Day, held each year on March 28.


Spring into the month by getting your party hat ready. There’s a lot to celebrate this month – especially National Cat Lady Day, where we recognize all of the amazing and attentive cat moms out there! But, don’t forget that cat dads rule too!

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  • Consider giving back or helping a feline in need during Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.
  • Love your Siamese cat? Celebrate them on National Siamese Cat Day, held April 6.
  • We don’t consider cats our pets, but you can still celebrate your best friend on National Pet Day, held each year on April 11.
  • Crazy cat ladies and normal cat lovers alike, let the world know how much you love your feline on National Cat Lady Day, held April 19.
  • Love your tabby? Start planning your party for National Tabby Day, held each year on April 30.


Kitten season is in full swing this time of year, making Mother’s Day equally as meaningful for cat moms as it is for mom cats who are currently pregnant or who recently delivered kittens. During May, we also remember the life of Grumpy Cat, who provided us with countless smiles and laughs over the years.

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  • Cat moms are moms too — especially on Mother’s Day.
  • Consider lending a helping hand (or paw) to temporarily take in or help support a foster cat during National Foster Care Month.
  • The musical CATS premiered in London on May 11, 1981.
  • Our beloved Grumpy Cat passed away on May 14, 2019 and we’ll never forget her charming frown.


June’s array of feline holidays has a bit of a story to tell. The month is dedicated to cat adoption and then just four days in, it offers a day devoted to affectionate cat snuggles. A week later is Take Your Cat to Work Day, where cats gain the necessary skills they’ll need to do well on the job, of course leading into Cat World Domination Day. Plus, there’s Father’s Day to celebrate all the cat dads out there!

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  • Consider bringing another fur baby home during Adopt a Cat Month.
  • Proud cat dads can celebrate Father’s Day.
  • Crank up the hugs on Hug Your Cat Day, held each year on June 4.
  • Don’t forget your lunch, briefcase and feline on Take Your Cat to Work Day, held each year on the third Monday in June.
  • Cats dominate always – but even more so on Cat World Domination Day, held each year on June 24.


Although July doesn’t have many cat holidays or historic events, it’s a month typically full of fireworks and outdoor living – both of which can be potentially dangerous for felines. It may be in your cat’s best interest to consider July a month of cat safety and consideration.

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  • Pay extra attention to your cat on July 4th…remember they’re not big fans of fireworks.
  • Learn how to keep your cat close and safe during National Lost Pet Prevention Month.
  • Keep your best bud hydrated in the heat during National Pet Hydration Awareness Month.
  • Celebrate the most musically inclined cat there is…because it’s Cat Steven’s Birthday on July 21.


August is an excellent time to bring your cat in for a checkup with the Vet. Then, get ready to celebrate because it also features a day dedicated to black cats, and one for cat lovers around the world to unite for International Cat Day. 

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  • No matter where you’re from, cats rule everything on International Cat Day, held each year on August 8.
  • We know you love your black cat. Show them some extra appreciation on National Black Cat Appreciation Day, held every year on August 17.
  • Make the call, schedule the appointment and get your cat a checkup during Take Your Cat to the Vet Day, held each year on August 22.


September’s sweet and simple! Just a month for happy cats – meant to ensure your cat is enjoying the beautiful fall breeze and bird watching. Then we take a pause to remember all of the amazing pets who touched our lives throughout the years.

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  • Find a way to make your cat smile each day during Happy Cat Month.
  • Take a moment to remember the pets you’ve loved and lost on National Pet Remembrance Day, held on the second Sunday in September.


Hands-down the spookiest month of them all, October is all about appreciating your mysterious, curious cat. National Cat Day is just two days before Halloween– a holiday already known for recognizing black cats (it’s a great time to adopt one!), and we’re wondering why no one’s ever combined the two events before.

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  • Keep your cat safe during National Animal Safety and Protection Month.
  • On Oct. 26, 2016 the creators of Garfield premiered the final episode – much to the chagrin of the lasagna loving cat himself.
  • This is the day for cats…it’s National Cat Day, held each year on Oct. 29.
  • Might we suggest a cat costume for Halloween?


November is the month to be thankful – for family, friends and of course your cat! We also take time this month commemorate the birth of the adorable Japanese character, Hello Kitty.

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  • Consider bringing home an older cat during Adopt a Senior Pet Month.
  • The world celebrates Hello Kitty’s birthday each year on Nov. 1.
  • On Nov. 4, 2019 a black cat interrupted a Monday Night Football Game sending fans into a frenzy as security guards tried to get it off the field.


Tis’ the season of thanks, giving, and togetherness. Fill these days with thanks for all of the Veterinarians out there, giving to cats in need, and lots of together-time with your cats. Don’t forget to celebrate National Cat Herders Day if you’ve got a pack! 

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  • Cat love is abound all month during National Cat Lover’s Month.
  • Take a moment to think of pets waiting for their forever homes on Shelter Pets Day, held each year on Dec. 5.
  • Tell your vet you appreciate them on International Day of Veterinary Medicine, held every Dec. 9.
  • If you’ve got a gaggle of cats, it’s your day to shine on National Cat Herders Day, held each year on Dec. 15.
  • On Dec. 19, 2019, Cats the Movie premiered in theaters around the world.
  • Purr and simple, give your cat a great gift for Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, or just because!

And, of course, while all of these special occasions are wonderful, be sure not to forget the best day of the year – your cat’s birthday!