Bing pixel 9 Jobs that Will Let You Bring Your Cat to Work

9 Jobs that Will Let You Bring Your Cat to Work

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could bring your favorite furry friends to work with you?  The answer is a resounding YES — bringing your cat on the job sounds a litter bit amazing. Having a little feline companion to snuggle with while working would be enough to keep the workday feeling a little more fun and a lot more purrrductive!

But while not every occupation allows cats in the workplace, there a few that let you bring your cat to work – some even encourage it!

If you love cats as much as we do, one of these jobs might be the perfect one for you:

Bring Your Cat to Work at one of these 9 jobs

1. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship offers many benefits, whether you built a tech company or created a business through blogging. As your own boss, you can choose work from home with your cat or even set the rules about bringing pets to the office. You can even give your kitty a purrrmotion when they do a good job!

2. Veterinarian

While your cat may not be too keen on the idea of going to work if it means going to the vet, it is one perk of working in the field of veterinary medicine. You get to spend your days surrounded by a variety of animals and even bring your own on occasion, though it may be for an annual checkup.

3. Cat Café Manager

If you love coffee and cats, we highly recommend getting a job at a cat café. It’s the perfect place to spend the majority of your day socializing with cats, hosting events, brewing delicious warm beverages and even serving up baked goods.

4. Bodega Manager

Bodega cats are the trend the internet loves to love. For stray cats, a bodega can make a pretty appealing home, and our furry friends are sure to secure customer satisfaction. Not only that, but they help prevent any rodents from making their home in the food aisle and can even keep a watchful eye over the store during your bathroom breaks.

5. Working for a Start Up

Thinking of joining a Silicon-Valley-type startup? One of the perks of working for these fast-paced companies is that they tend to offer more casual work environments with open floor plans and allowances for pets in the workplace. Just image a purr machine on your lap while you type away!

6. Remote Worker / Telecommuter

These days it’s becoming increasingly more common for people to work remotely, especially from out of their homes. While working from home doesn’t technically involve “bringing” your cat anywhere, it’s still a great way to be able to spend the work day with some furry company.

7. Groomer

Ever wanted to work hands on with animals, but don’t want to get into veterinary medicine? Try grooming! You’ll get to spend your days helping pets look and feel their best, and your own furry friend is no exception.

8. Pet Store Employee

Did you know that many pet stores let their employees bring their pets to work? What fun! Working at a pet store means you’ll get to know all about what options your cat has for food, toys, medicine and more – you’ll be an expurrt on cat products in no time.

9. Animal Shelter Staff

What’s better than working with one cat? Helping hundreds find their forever homes! Working at an animal shelter means you get to be a savior to the cats who need it most. And who knows? You may even find another one to bring home.

If you can’t imagine spending any more time away from your fur baby, one of these cat-friendly jobs could be just the right fit. Who says you can’t be crazy about your cat at work too? We could all use more cat love in our lives.