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Spring Gardening Tips for Cat Owners

It’s springtime, so you know what that means? Cat Gardens! No, we don’t mean we’re growing cats out there (though that would be amazing, so if we ever do figure out how to do that, you’ll be the first to know!). It’s time to start planting a garden that’s the envy of all your neighborhood cats!

We’ll be taking you through three kinds of plants safe for cats, a list of plants poisonous for cats, and a few tips and tricks on how to make your garden extra cat-friendly!


Cat Grass

What’s a vibrant cat-loving plant that’s easy to grow and inexpensive? Cat Grass, of course! Cats love rolling around in it, sleeping on it and even eating it. According to the veterinarians at, cat grass is high in minerals, enzymes and vitamins, so when they do nibble, their digestive system will benefit. Plus, a little bit of cat grass every day keeps those hairballs away!


No cat garden is complete without this classic cat stimulant. Catnip’s essential oil is famous for arousing something deep inside our favorite felines—they go crazy for this stuff! Adding a few of these small cat-safe plants in with your garden will add a splash of pretty white flowers as well as constant play from your cats. As an added bonus, researchers say catnip is incredibly effective at repelling pesky mosquitos!


A spring garden staple is the beautiful catmint plant. Not only do the bright indigos, lavenders and blue-ish purple flowers pop out in a green garden, catmint proves to be an aphrodisiac for cats. Your cats will love prowling around these safe plants for cats and making a nice bed out of the long, crinkly leaves. But don’t worry—Catmint can take quite a bit of abuse, so if your cat flattens them out, they’ll spring right back up after their catnap!


If you have cats, we highly recommend steering clear of these poisonous plants in your garden:

  1. Lilies
  2. Azalea
  3. Potatoes
  4. Tomatoes
  5. Eggplants
  1. Paprika
  2. Ivy
  3. Chrysanthemums
  4. Figs
  1. Mistletoe
  2. Daffodils
  3. Onions
  4. Rhododendrons

Tips & Tricks for Your Cat Garden:

1. Cats Will Be Cats

The style of garden you decide to groom will very much drive the type of reaction you get from your cats. If you plant a classic garden with rows of cat-safe plants on a small plot, cats will walk through and perhaps sleep in it. But you can also incorporate potted plants, cat posts, shelves and fences for your cats to roam around and play on! Cats are natural prowlers, so they will absolutely love a garden where they can sneak and act out their natural instincts.

2. Sun and Shade

A nice mix of big plants, pots and wooden structures give cats exactly what they want—shade on the hot days and sun on the cooler days! We know the happiest cats are spoiled cats, so why not cater your garden to fit their temperature needs? Plus, designing a few nice areas for your cat to enjoy will only enhance the beauty of your garden.

3. Mountains to Conquer

Try adding a fence, tree or shelf somewhere in your garden because some elevation is exactly what our purring pals want! Cats love to climb and watch over the world, so think about including some peaks for them to enjoy. Plus, it will only make your cat-safe garden that much more dynamic.

We hope you enjoyed learning about cat gardens! There’s nothing better than making the most of the spring season by gardening with your cats. Please take a moment to share this article or leave a comment. Better yet,  send us some pictures of your cat garden creations on the World’s Best Cat Litter™ Facebook page. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!