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The Best Cat Cartoons on the Internet

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Cat Cartoons

The world wide web is absolutely crawling with cat cartoons. We’re talking animated cats in every corner.

If you’re a modern-day cat cartoon enthusiast then you already know of The New Yorker — not necessarily for its in-depth reporting, political and cultural commentary, fiction, poetry, and humor; rather for its status as one of the world’s foremost publishers of cat cartoons.

According to a Wikipedia entry analyzing the cat’s status as the “unofficial mascot” of the internet, “Research has suggested that viewing online cat media is related to positive emotions and that it even may work as a form of digital therapy or stress relief for some users … [and that] feelings of guilt when postponing tasks can be reduced by viewing cat content.”

So, our love for these amazing cat caricatures got us thinking…what else is out there for cat cartoons on the internet?

Here’s the scoop:


Beyond The New Yorker, when conducting a search for internet cat cartoons, one risks scampering down an online rabbit hole and ending up face to face with a somewhat scary cartoon cat named Cartoon Cat. But there’s so much more.

We’re also big fans of the Catnip Times, a cat lifestyle and advocacy site whose mission is to “strengthen the bond between humans and the cats who own them.” The Times recently shared a post curating The Funniest Cat Cartoons to Follow.

Pinterest is also a veritable hotbed of cat cartoons. Here is a sampling of several collections:  

And lastly, our friends at Reader’s Digest offer “16 Funny Cat Cartoons That Every Cat Lover Will Appreciate.”

Our favorite picks include the smug-looking cat by the classroom chalkboard unveiling his complex equation proving that: “cats R better than dogs”).

But we’re really just scratching the surface when it comes to cataloging worthy cat cartoons; for example, we haven’t even mentioned The Adventures of Business Cat.

Finally, seeing as a Google search for “best cat litter cartoons” turns up multiple variations of some kitty litter wordplay, here’s a World’s Best blog post offering some advice for “What to Do When Your Furry Friend Goes Outside of the Box.” Enjoy😻