Bing pixel SPOOKY TALES OF SWITCHING LITTER - A Collection of Real Life, Fur-Raising Stories of Switching Litter


Tis’ the season to share a few spooky tales from a few of our users of why they switched to the #1 natural litter made from whole-kernel corn. A word of caution to the sensitive feline fans out there…what you are about to read isn’t fur the faint of heart. These stories are real – but we’ve naturally taken a few creative liberties to spin the best spooky yarns possible.


“We switched because we have 3 cats and was going through litter like crazy. Nothing would stop the smell, and everything stuck to the litter box. We were changing the litter in the boxes every other day. One day we were in a tractor supply store and saw World’s Best Cat Litter and decided to give it a try. Let me tell you that 15lb bag lasted us longer than our old 42lb brand box did. The cats seem to like it and my Maine Coon no longer has litter stuck to the hair on the bottom of her paws. You have a customer for as long as we have cats and that will be a very long time.”

– Ann Marie Wyche, New York


Ann Marie and her three fur babies lived a seemingly normal life for a human and three feline companions. That is until the night the smell started.

Sniff sniff? Where was that awful stench coming from, Ann Marie thought to herself while getting ready to go to bed for the night. 

Following the scent, Ann Marie discovered it was coming from the laundry room – the same place she keeps her cat’s litter boxes. And upon closer inspection, the pungent odor appeared to be coming from INSIDE the boxes themselves. Sticking her head down even closer, she also noticed everything had started to stick to the box.

EEEEEKKKKK – she shrieked, furiously trying to scoop and chisel the mound of clay mess that had built up, all the while fending off the stinky litter smells.

That night – Ann Marie didn’t sleep a wink.

In the weeks to follow – she found herself changing the litter in the boxes every other day. So much for that long-lasting stamp of approval they put on the box of clay litter, she thought to herself.

But then – one day it all changed while walking through the aisle of her local store.

“What’s World’s Best Cat Litter™?” she thought to herself — knowing the situation at home hadn’t gotten any better as of late. “Maybe I’ll give it a try.”

Rushing home, hoping she’d found the answer to her litter prayers — Ann Marie switched up her litter and POOF – the unstoppable smell monster was nowhere to be found.  What’s more – the smelly litter that used to stick to the box and to the bottom of her Maine Coon’s paws was gone as well.

These days, Ann Marie and her three fur babies live in relative peace with a clean box and a 15lb bag of natural litter that controls odors and lasts much longer than the big boxes made by the bigger clay litter brands.

“I tried another well reviewed litter recently to try to save money. With 8 cats indoors for the winter I use more. It was not a good experience. The litter was heavier, much harder to scoop, it was like concrete. I was constantly throwing out bags of heavy litter. It was much messier to clean up too on the floor and when cleaning the box. So, I went back to Worlds Best.”

-Laura Chadwick, Iowa


Headed into the long winter, Laura knew she would need a lot of litter to keep her many cats happy while stuck in doors to do their business. So, instead of staying with her tried and true World’s Best Cat Litter™, Laura decided to switch to another litter in hopes of helping her keep up with her busy cat family. Litter did she know…the brand she ended up choosing was haunted!

The heavy haunt of the litter was almost immediate. Not only did it seem to weigh more than her previous litter, but the sheer exhaustion caused from having to scoop and scoop and scoop the concrete-like clumps started to drive Laura crazy. 

The true terror began when Laura realized she could no longer flush* her litter down the toilet and had to start scooping the waste into bag after bag after bag. What a mess, she thought to herself each and every day that winter while incessantly cleaning up the litter mess on the floor and in the box.

Finally, when the cold weather cleared and the sun started to shine that spring, Laura found herself out from under the cloud of dust and smells that had haunted her home that long winter season. And on her first trip back to the store – Laura picked up a bag of World’s Best Cat Litter™ and said aloud, “I’ve missed you old friend.”

“Because I got sick of everything being coated in a fine layer of perfumed dust. It ruined sensitive items and made everything gross. If it did that to furniture, imagine what it was doing to me and my cat’s lungs?”
 – Donald Burke, California


At first, Donald thought the excess dust was an illusion. The litter he chosen claimed to be low-dust, or at least that’s what it said on the big box he had to lug from the store to inside his house. But over time, Donald started to notice a litter evidence here and there that maybe this clay litter wasn’t so dust-free after all.

Then, one morning, after waking up to the nuzzle of his favorite fur baby, Donald rose to find his entire house coated in a fine layer of perfumed dust. “Ahhhhh the smell of the perfumed clay litter is everywhere,” he shrieked while running around his house and realizing that the dust had attached itself to almost everything – including the comfy furniture he liked to lay on.

And then — in that moment of sheer dusty terror — Donald realized that if the dust could do that to his house, what could it be doing to him and his cat’s lungs?

“Ahhhhhh” he screamed while running out the door with his cat in his hands, leaving the dust-covered house to find the closest store carrying World’s Best Cat Litter™.

Have a scary story about your old litter and want the world to know why you switched?

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