Bing pixel How to Start A Mew: A Cat Owners Guide to Easing Into the New Year

How to Start A Mew: A Cat Owners Guide to Easing Into the New Year

With the new year tends to come a renewed outlook on life. We take stock of the things we appreciate in life and where there’s space left to improve our wellbeing and do more for others. When you take stock of your life though, do you think about your role as a pet parent?

This year we’re focusing on ways pet parents can step up and do even more to ensure their fur babies are living their best lives and getting the care they need to stay healthy and happy.

A Cat Owner’s Guide to New Year Resolutions

As pet parents, we often feel like we’re doing the best for our fur babies, but it’s true that there is always more to learn about our favorite furry friends. Here are a few things you can do in 2020 to make sure your cat’s wellbeing comes first:

1. Turn Grooming into a Habit

Sure, most cat parents are down to pull the brush out occasionally, but did you know that daily or weekly brushing can actually help keep your cat’s skin and coat healthier? Plus, trimming their nails is good for their paws and keeping your furniture intact. If grooming isn’t a part of your cat care routine yet, add it in this year and you’ll love the results.

2. Check in With the Vet

It’s a sad fact that many cats aren’t taken for regular vet visits. However, your cat needs yearly checkups just like you. If they’re a senior or special needs cat, they may need to go even more often. Vet visits are good for more than treating illness and injury, they can help prevent it too by tracking your cat’s average health to catch problems early-on before they’re irreversible.

3. Make Exercise (and Play) a Priority

Cat obesity is another huge problem in the US, with over 50% of cats ranking as overweight and over 25% qualifying as obese. An unhealthy weight can impact your cat’s mobility and longevity, especially because it increases the risk of issues like diabetes and heart disease. Regular playtime can help keep your cat active and in shape, and it can help you too!

4. Switch to a Natural Litter

It’s 2020 people, so by now we hope you’ve made the switch to a natural cat litter. Not only is clay cat litter impervious to decomposition, but it also tends to contain silica dust which can may cause respiratory issues or exacerbate allergies. Luckily, there are a ton of options for natural litters, including litter made from whole-kernel corn to provide the clumping and odor control you need, naturally.

5. Reevaluate Their Diet

These days there are tons of new and creative options for your cat’s diet, so make sure you talk with your vet to see if your cat’s current food is delivering all the nutrients they need to thrive. If not, consider looking into options like frozen human-grade meals or a raw diet, depending on your veterinarian’s recommendations.

By taking small steps in a few key areas, you can help your cat look and feel their best this year. After all, it’s our job as cat parents to make sure our fur babies aren’t just surviving, but thriving. Want more advice on cat care and natural products? Head over to our blog.