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The Best Locations to Put Your Cat’s Litter Boxes

Believe it or not, deciding where to place your litter box is one of the most important aspects of feline parenthood. The wrong location can cause your cat to develop litter box aversion – the most common reason cats are surrendered to shelters.

Cats are extremely picky.

This means that something as insignificant as a draft or an unpleasant scent could cause them not to use their litter box. The following are all factors to take into consideration when choosing the location of your litter box:


Choose an area that’s not subject to fluctuations in temperature. Placing the litter box near a boiler or an air conditioner is not a good idea. A temperature-controlled room will be a more comfortable option for your cat. Areas that let off heat can also increase the scent of your litter box.


The best place for a litter box is a quiet place. Sounds can trigger fearful responses in cats, and you don’t want them associating their litter box with fear. Though a basement next to a boiler may seem like a good, out-of-the-way location, noise from a heater or boiler can be disconcerting to your cat. Be sure to note whether noise from car traffic can travel through nearby windows, as this is another sound your cat is likely to want to avoid.


Cats like to do their business in secluded areas, so you should place your cat’s litter box away from any areas with high foot traffic.


Though cats like seclusion, they don’t like feeling trapped. While your instinct may be to place your litter box in a small, closed off area, these locations are likely to cause your cat distress. An area with easy access in and out of the litter box is most ideal. For older cats, access becomes even more important because they may not be able to make it to their litter box in time if it’s tucked away in a basement or upstairs bathroom.


You’re not the only one who cares whether the litter box starts to smell. Your cat will notice too and get turned off if the scent is too unappealing. This can become an issue in enclosed or poorly ventilated areas, so try placing your litter box in an area with access to open air.


We polled nearly 2,400 fans about where they prefer to put their cat’s litter box. See below for what they had to say:

We polled nearly 2,400 fans about where they prefer to put their cat’s litter box and the bathroom, followed by the bedroom, claimed the top spots.

We polled nearly 2,400 fans about where they prefer to put their cat’s litter box and nearly half (48.5%) reported putting it someplace other than the basement, bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

The Best Litter Box Locations:


Try placing the litter box on the opposite side of the room from your bed, so noise isn’t close enough to wake you up if they use the litter box while you sleep. Avoid placing the litter box in a closet.

Family/Living Rooms:

While it may not seem like the most ideal choice, your cat will appreciate the comfort and familiarity of your family/living room. Make sure you avoid placing the litter box in corners or behind couches.

Spare Bedroom/Office:

An extra room is a great place to put a litter box — typically spare bedrooms and offices are comfortable and quiet (when not occupied of course).

Wide hallways:

An open hallway will help your cat feel at ease, but remember to only place the litter box in hallways with low foot traffic, and ample room to walk beside the box without invading your cat’s personal space.

For each location listed, place your cat’s litter box against a wall, avoiding the corners of the room. Choose a location based on ease of access (minimal clutter), low foot traffic and a clear vantage point to view the room so your cat doesn’t worry about getting snuck up on.

For multiple cat households and homes with senior cats, you should provide multiple litter boxes in multiple locations so your cats have easy access wherever they are.

Though you may not love the idea of putting a litter box in your family room, a good litter location can make all the difference. World’s Best Cat Litter™ delivers superior odor control and quick clumping for a cleaner litter box, so even if you can see it – you won’t smell it.