Bing pixel 10 Best Cat Commercials of All Time

10 Best Cat Commercials of All Time

Some of the best commercials on TV these days involve frisky felines or adorably curious cats.

There’s the Chevy cat commercial that aired in early 2021 that still gets people purring until this day, and who remembers the Geico cat commercial from a few years back?

But let’s not forget about some of the great cat commercials from yesteryear. Does anyone remember the awesome Meow Mix spot from the 1970s?

We did some digging into the many cat commercials over the years and one thing is clear…Cats, as it turns out, are great brand ambassadors and make great stars of television commercials.

Here are a few of our favorites from over the years.

?Best TV Commercials Starring Cats?

The Very First Meow Mix Commercial

This commercial is a cat’s dream…in 40 seconds. Picture a parade of humans carrying a cat’s three favorite ingredients (Tuna, Liver, and Chicken) into a giant bag of Meow Mix. It’s about as innovative as they come for the pre-internet era.

Walter the Cat Commercial for Chevy

Sure, the commercial is about a truck with a multi-flex tailgate, but the star of the show is really Walter — a cat that acts like a dog and is best friends with a proud truck owner. We challenge you to watch it and not say “Let’s Go Walter” the next time you see your cat.

The Rocket Mortgage Cat Commercial

Everyone has that neighbor who loves cats. Some more than others. This commercial from Rocket Mortgage uses the quintessential cat love found in a neighborhood near you to deliver this unforgettable message… « You can’t control your neighbor (or her cats) but you can control your home financing. »

Walmart’s Yodeling Cat Commercial

A yodeling cat? Enough said. This commercial from 2012 belongs in the cat commercial Hall of Fame.

Cowboys Herding Cats

We’re all familiar with the expression, “it’s like herding cats.” Well, this commercial from EDS takes things to another level by bringing the analogy to life in order to sell their electronic data system software.

Taylor Swift Cat Commercial

Taylor Swift has a cat commercial? She sure does! What else do we need to tell you?

Cat Problems | 2021 Nissan Heisman House

This 2021 commercial uses cat mascots, instead of actual cats, to showcase Nissan’s involvement in college sports, not to mention its new lineup of automobiles. It’s funny and cute, but things get a little frisky when a dog mascot shows up to play.

Funny Cats and Cars Commercial from Toyota New Zealand

This commercial, from Toyota New Zealand, showcases what looks like an adorable Persian Cat dealing with a few unfortunate vet visits. And while the ending may seem sad, don’t worry. This cat comes back to life to continue being its adorable self.

The Wells Fargo Cat Commercial

Remember this Wells Fargo commercial from 2019? It’s an adorable rendition of what happens when a cat gets jealous after finding out its owner spent some money on something dog-related. Woof is right!

Cravendale Cats & Milk Commercial

This hilarious commercial from 2013 showcases what happens when an unsuspecting cat owner starts drinking his cat’s favorite milk variety. Pretty soon, more cats come knocking and we find out what happens when cats grow thumbs. #CatsWithThumbs

There are surely much more cat commercials out there. What did we miss? Share your favorites in the comment section below!