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World’s Best Compilation of Catchy Cat Names

Congratulations! You adopted a new furball. It’s an amazing feeling bringing home an adorably vicious or inspiringly sassy cat.

Now comes the challenge: choosing a name that lives up to their over-the-top personality! Where to start? There are so many to choose from.

Lucky for you – we’ve got the ultimate list of incredible cat names and the perfect process to help narrow the choices until you find just the right one for your fur baby.

How to Choose a Good Cat Name

1. Consider their personality:

Let’s start by figuring out what kind of cat you’re naming. Is your cat: mischievous, sweet, shy, bold, energetic?

Your cat’s personality should tie into their name, even if it’s to make a fun juxtaposition. If you have a calm, old cat you might name them something fitting, like Gerald, or you could flip the script and call them Speedy Gonzales!

2. Take their looks into account

What does your cat look like? Are they: a tuxedo, a black cat, extra fluffy, endearingly unique? Looks aren’t everything, but an especially unique kitty deserves an equally exceptional name.

Black cat names are often mischievous and alluring or tie back to other famous black cats, like Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Take their looks into account - cat with distinctive orange and black coloring

3. Choose a Creative Direction

Do you want a name that will stop everyone in their tracks? Or a purrfectly proper title? Knowing what vibe you’re going for will help narrow down which naming categories to focus on.

Here are a few themes to get you going:

The Best Cat Names by Category:

We sorted through thousands of fan submissions, passed hours pouring over social media comments and scoured through all of the top internet lists to craft the ultimate catalog of catchy cat names on the web.

We narrowed in on a few trending themes to help get your creative juices flowing, so if somehow your perfect name ISN’T on this list, you’re sure to come away with some inspired ideas.

From the screen

We’ve got you covered from fantasy characters to cinematic classics.

•	Belle
•	Benjamin Button
•	Binx
•	Bogart
•	Casper
•	Dobby
•	Elsa
•	Frodo
•	Gandalf
•	Garfield
•	Goose
•	Ghost
•	Hermione
•	Jasmine
•	Khaleesi
•	Kylo
•	Luke Skywalker
•	Loki
•	Minnie
•	Ms. Piggy
•	Minerva
•	Morticia
•	Odin
•	Pumba
•	Princess Leia
•	Romeo
•	Scooby
•	Tinkerbelle
•	Thor
•	Tyrion
•	Ursula
•	Wonka
•	Yoda
•	Zorro

Oh So Delicious:

Are their paws delightfully munchable? Name them after a tasty treat!

•	Applejack
•	Almond
•	Bean
•	Butter
•	Colby Jack
•	Clementine
•	Flapjack
•	Fudge
•	Ginger
•	Honey
•	Juice
•	Kiwi
•	Lollipop
•	Marshmallow
•	Muffin
•	Noodle
•	Nutella
•	Oatmeal
•	Oreo
•	Pancake
•	Portobello
•	Rhubarb
•	Salsa
•	Sir Walnut
•	Steak Tartar
•	String Bean
•	Twinkie
•	Walnut
•	Whiskey


Feeling bored? Opt for a play on words!

•	Cleocatra
•	Doug E. Fresh
•	Draco Meowlfoy
•	Farrah Pawcett
•	Meowgli


There’s nothing like an old-school dapper or dainty moniker.

•	Alice
•	Alfie
•	Angus
•	Bixby
•	Beatrix
•	Bear
•	Cooper
•	Cecil
•	Coco
•	Daisy
•	Diego
•	Digby
•	Ethel
•	Ezra
•	Floyd
•	Fiona
•	Frankie
•	Gigi
•	Garfield
•	Gracie
•	Hemingway
•	Holly
•	Iris
•	Jasper
•	Joanie
•	King
•	Lola
•	Louie
•	Lucy
•	Missy
•	Marlon
•	Monty
•	Nora
•	Nico
•	Oprah
•	Otis
•	Oliver
•	Phil
•	Parsifal
•	Pleione
•	Quincy
•	Ralph
•	Ruby
•	Rusty
•	Schrodinger
•	Santiago
•	Sylvester
•	Theo
•	Tilda
•	Walter
•	Wesley
•	Ziggy
•	Zoe

Sweet Nothings:

For those that prefer nicknames to real ones.

•	Angel
•	Buddy
•	Bubba
•	Fluffington
•	Grumpy Driver
•	Honey Pie
•	Lucky
•	Nugget
•	Nushka
•	Pumpkin
•	Puss
•	Sweetie Legs
•	Scoodles
•	YumYum

Oh the Places:

Any one of these names could make Magellan proud.

•	Aspen
•	Brazil
•	Cheyanne
•	Dallas
•	Flint
•	Georgia
•	Hobart
•	Kodiak
•	Juno
•	London
•	Moony
•	Phoenix
•	Sicily
•	Washington

We’re sure you’ll find the perfect name for your fur baby, whether you opt for a celebrity moniker or a classic. Whether you’re a new cat parent or a repeat rescuer, World’s Best Cat Litter™ has the cat care tips you need and the right litter formula for you.