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Unscented Vs. Scented Cat Litter: Which is Best For You and Your Cat

While it may not be as difficult as some other cat conundrums, the question of whether to choose a scented vs. unscented cat litter is a big one for pet parents.

While some cat people don’t mind the smell of scents, others appreciate a more natural smell and don’t mind dealing with the occasional odor.

But it’s not about you at all, is it? It’s about your cat.

However, that doesn’t mean your opinions on odor control aren’t important.

If you’re trying to figure out what’s best for you AND your cat, check out this helpful breakdown of scented and unscented cat litter.

are you a scented or unscented cat litter person?

There seem to be two distinct types of people when it comes to scented products. Let’s find out which one you are.

Scented Cat Litter

Do you love to light candles all around the house and use scented air fresheners to keep your home smelling fresh or seasonal?

If so, you’re probably a scent-loving individual and we definitely recommend you try a scented cat litter. While any good cat litter – scented or unscented – should trap nasty pet smells, a scented litter provides a distinctive aroma that you may prefer to no smell at all!

Scented might also be a good option for those of you who place your litter box in a basement or bathroom – places that might already need a bit of freshening up.

And thankfully, today’s pet parents don’t have to settle for scented litters that contain overbearing perfumes or artificial scents. There are far more natural scented options available than ever before

Unscented Cat Litter

On the other side of the spectrum are those of you who prefer everything “au naturel.”

Do you purposely avoid going by The Yankee Candle Store in the mall?

Do you avoid scented detergents or soaps and opt for a more simple clean?

If this describes you then an unscented litter may be the right choice.

And with the odor control found in many of today’s non-scented formulas, you may never have to worry about your house smelling like the litter box.

As we mentioned earlier, one critical consideration is what’s best for your feline! Certain cats may be allergic and/or unhappy with a scented litter so don’t hesitate to make the switch to an unscented formula if he or she shows signs of disapproval.

As an important final reminder: there’s no “right” or “wrong” choice between scented vs. unscented litter — it all comes down to your cat’s and family’s preference. As always, we recommend you make the choice that’s most appropriate for your household, and that’s why we offer a variety of naturally safe litters that are guaranteed to meet your needs and preferences.

So which formula will you try – and why? Let us know which you prefer in the comments section below!