Bing pixel 7 World Record Holding Cats

7 World Record Holding Cats

While we all may think our cats are the most special, most loving and most adorable cats in the world, there’s a fierce feline competition going on for the official record titles. See which fabulous felines took home Guinness World Records!

seven of the World’s Most Amazing Cats

1. World’s Oldest Living Cat

As of January 2020, the world’s oldest living cat is a Maine-Coon named Rubble from England! He celebrated his 31st birthday in 2019.

2. World’s Oldest Cat Ever

 The oldest cat on record is a Texas cat named Cream Puff, who lived to the ripe old age of 38 before passing in 2005.

3. World’s Furriest Cat

Sophie, from Oceanside, California, has long held the record for longest hair on a cat, with her fur measuring in at 10.11 inches long.

4. World’s Heaviest Cat Ever

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Hercules the Liger is the largest and heaviest cat in the world, weighing in at a staggering 418.2kg (922 lbs). He lived in Cairns, Australia.

5. World’s Smallest Cat Ever

The smallest cat in the world was a Blue Point Himalayan from the USA named Tinker Toy. Tinker Toy was just 2¾ inches tall and 7½ inches long and weighed 1lb and 8oz.

6. World’s Longest Domestic Cat

The longest house cat on record is a another Maine Coon, this one named Barivel and from Italy. Coming in at 3’ 11” long, Barivel is a shy and gentle giant.

7. World’s Fastest Cat

As for the fastest cat in the world? That record is still held by the cheetah, which can run up to 60 mph. However, the Egyptian Mau tops the list of speediest house cats, running up to 30 mph.

Regardless of which cats go down in the history books, we’re all happy to continue thinking of our fur babies as the real winners (of our heart’s.) Head over to our blog for interesting facts on cat breeds, behaviors and more!