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6 Sneaky Signs Your Cat is Sick

Does your cat seem a little off lately? Many felines will hide any obvious signs of illness—it’s a survival instinct—so it can be hard to tell for sure. Here’s a quick guide that can help you figure out if your cat is sick.

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How (and When) to Give a Cat a Bath

One of the best things about cats? They’re good at keeping themselves clean. Every once in a while, though, your cat may get into a messy situation that requires a little extra help. Follow our guide to learn how (and when) to give a cat a bath.

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How to Cheer Up a Sad Cat

Does your cat seem sad lately? Believe it or not, the same things that make people sad—boredom, loneliness, even seasonal changes—can put cats in a lousy mood, too. Luckily, a little special attention and a few easy tricks are all it takes to cheer up most sad cats. Follow these tips, and your cat will be purring again in no time!

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Four Ways to Build a Cat-Friendly Home

Every cat parent makes changes to their environment to suit their cats—from litter boxes to scratching posts to cozy spots to cuddle. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a house where every detail is designed to delight your feline friends? It can be done! Here are four amazing cat-friendly homes to get you inspired.