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6 Sneaky Signs Your Cat is Sick

Does your cat seem a little off lately? Many felines will hide any obvious signs of illness—it’s a survival instinct—so it can be hard to tell for sure. Here’s a quick guide that can help you figure out if your cat is sick.

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How (and When) to Give a Cat a Bath

One of the best things about cats? They’re good at keeping themselves clean. Every once in a while, though, your cat may get into a messy situation that requires a little extra help. Follow our guide to learn how (and when) to give a cat a bath.

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How to Cheer Up a Sad Cat

Does your cat seem sad lately? Believe it or not, the same things that make people sad—boredom, loneliness, even seasonal changes—can put cats in a lousy mood, too. Luckily, a little special attention and a few easy tricks are all it takes to cheer up most sad cats. Follow these tips, and your cat will be purring again in no time!