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Why Do Cats Sneeze?

Is your cat sneezing a lot? Here are a few of the reasons your cat might be saying “achoo!”

1. Just a Tickle

The most common cause of cats sneezing is the same as it is for humans. Cats get a tickle in their throat or nose and need to sneeze to get rid of it. Sneezing in cats is a completely regular physical reaction, and should not be any cause for worry when it occurs occasionally.

2. Infections

If you find your cat sneezing a lot, it may be due to another more severe reason. Respiratory infections are common in cats who have spent time in a shelter, and these infections can cause sneezing or wheezing. If you notice either symptom, you should contact your veterinarian. There are other viral and bacterial infections that can also cause these symptoms but which need to be diagnosed by a professional. Some may run their natural course, but others require treatment.

3. Allergies

Cats may also have allergies, which can cause frequent sneezing, just like with humans. Another symptom of allergies in cats may be watery eyes.

4. External Causes

Chemical irritants and foreign bodies can also be causes of cats sneezing. If you suspect one of these causes, you should contact your veterinarian about treatment. A curious cat may encounter bugs or other rodents that can pass on irritants.

Though sneezing in cats is just a cute little noise and a throat tickle most of the time, be sure to take your cat to the vet if sneezing occurs excessively for a prolonged time.