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A Natural Litter For Cats and Humans With Allergies

Allergic to Cat Litter?

Every day thousands of cats and their human companions suffer from the frustrating and uncomfortable symptoms of allergies. And with some allergies on the rise, it’s essential for all pet parents to be educated and choose household products that are less likely to trigger such reactions. After all, no one enjoys spending the day reaching for the tissue box. And the reality is that your litter choice may be able to help curb allergies in you furry family members.

So what exactly are allergies anyway? Allergic reactions occur when a human or cat’s immune system reacts negatively to any number of substances (which are usually harmless), such as pollen, grass, certain grains, etc. Symptoms like sneezing, wheezing or vomiting happen while the body tries to rid itself of those substances (called “allergens”).

Although allergic reactions are usually non-lethal, you should quickly consult your doctor or veterinarian if you or your cat exhibits those symptoms (click here for a more complete list from the ASPCA). Your medical professional can then order a test that will determine which specific substances are causing you discomfort – as well as what to do in case your or your cat comes in contact with them.

Are You or Your Cat Allergic to Your Cat Litter?

Some cat litters may trigger allergic reactions in both humans and felines. This often happens after inhaling silica dust, a common byproduct found in many clay-based litters. In a previous post we outlined the main problems with clay litter – and this is just one more reason to keep your family away from it!

It’s therefore important to choose a cat litter that minimizes the risk of causing allergic reactions without compromising the outstanding odor control and simplified cleanup you expect! And from what our fans are telling us, World’s Best Cat Litter™ is the right litter for the job:

Eileen: “Juliette was allergic to clay clumping litter, and I can’t stand the dust because of my allergies. This litter solves all our issues.”

Rebecca: “World’s Best Cat Litter™ is not only healthier and better for my cats but it is better for me and my husband. The smell of the litter itself is 10 times better then the clay stuff and it is dust free. One of my cats has skin allergies and her skin has cleared up dramatically soon after switching to World’s Best Cat Litter™. I love this Litter!”

Denise: “As first time cat owners [we] did not realize that there are different types of cat litter. We started with another brand and hated it. My allergies almost made us give up our new cat until a friend with similar allergy problems recommended World’s Best Cat Litter™ and we have been loyal customer ever since.”

Rebecca: “My household has had some major allergy issues this year. We used our mail in rebate for the FREE bag of Litter from World’s Best Cat Litter. I was not sure how Blanche would feel about this change. She has been on the dusty clay litter for 6 years. She adjusted very well. I love the fact that the product is good for everyone in the house including the environment. I never really thought that we would be able to eliminate the dust from the clay litter. This was a huge problem and we are all much healthier and happier in our home. Thank you!”

Thank you to our many fans for their wonderful testimonials. We’re honored that our product helped alleviate your allergy concerns. Can your household also benefit from a clean and natural litter?

  • Geanina

    Can cats be allergic to the corn litter. My Sphynx cat is covered in hives. Anyone have any ideas. My vet has covered everything.

  • worldsbestcatlitter

    Hi Geanina,
    World’s Best Cat Litter™ is made from corn components and other
    natural plant fibers. Like their human counterparts, animals may either
    have or develop allergies to grains such as corn.
    If you notice any unusual conditions after your cat has been
    exposed to World’s Best Cat Litter™, our recommendation is to discontinue use
    to rule out any possible allergies to the product. If you have any additional questions, please let us know, thank you.

  • Windingdown

    What about the newspaper litter?

  • Windingdown

    I changed to this cat litter on my ragdoll cats 13th birthday, because Our new four-month-old ragdoll kitten seems to have allergies. The vet thinks it’s allergies and not feline herpes. We got a cold mister for her room where she sleeps, change to this WBCL I noticed when I put a box fan in the window at night to cool the house down without using air conditioning she sneezes more. I really do believe it’s allergies. So I have to keep the house closed up in the air on UGH. I hope this new cat litter solves a lot of her problems, The fan was just during up later does that had settled in the room.